Day 12: But I never feel full

Thought for the Day: “I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge — that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” (Ephesians 3:17 – 19)

For years, I walked around with a little heart-shaped cup in my soul, holding it out to people or things trying to find fulfillment. Some of us hold out our heart-shaped cup and expect a husband to love us in ways that rights our wrongs and fills up our insecurities. Sometimes, we expect our kids to be successful so that we look good and feel validated by their accomplishments. Or, we hope that a successful career will confirm that we are a valuable human being.

At times, I have asked the impossible of all of these. But my consistent “friend” of choice over the years has been food. Imagine my little heart-shaped cup as a candy dish, using sweets and snacks to soothe my emotions.

However, if we are going to replace destructive cycles with lasting changes in our lives, then we have to empty ourselves of the lie that other people or things can ever fill our hearts. Instead, we have to deliberately fill up on God’s truths and stand secure in His love. Here are some examples of how we can do that:

Old lie: “I am such a failure when it comes to my diet.”
New truth: “I am not a failure. I am a lavishly loved child of God. Part of my right as a child of God is to operate in a power beyond myself. The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to me. So it is possible for me to use the self-control I’ve been given.”

Old lie: “I need these Oreos!”
New truth: “The thought that these Oreos will fill me is a lie. They will taste good for just the few minutes it will take to eat them. Then that hollow feeling of guilt will rush in as soon as the chocolate high dissipates. If I truly need a snack right now, I am capable of choosing a healthier option.”

Old lie: “God seems far away and French fries are right around the corner at the drive-thru.”
New truth: “French fries don’t love me. And the only lasting thing I get from them is the cholesterol and cellulite they inevitably leave behind, which will just compound my frustration. God’s love is here in this moment and in many more to come. His love is true and carries with it only positive residual effects.”

Examine how you can replace the lies and rationalizations in your mind with the truth of God’s love. Experience the power of renewing your mind and learning that food was never meant to fulfill the deepest places of your heart. And, as Ephesians 3:19 reminds, may you understand that the only way to true satisfaction is to be “filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”


  1. Thanks Lady one again you hit the nail on the head. la lu be blessed

  2. Thanks ! Putting this on a notecard in my pantry and my kitchen! “If I truly need a snack right now, I am capable of choosing a healthier option.” Thanks. This email comes at night and it inspires me to start anew the next day!

  3. The kids are gone…the house is empty and you reached out with these wonderful truths to fill my empty grieving heart…Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your words of wisdom from the Lord! To be filled with him to the point of not wanting anything else! The Goal!! Thank you for bringing out those powerful verses in Ephesians that is definitely going up all over my house!

  5. All these years I have been pursuing physical things to satisfy my spiritual hunger. Thank you, Lysa for the reminder that food doesn’t love me; only God can love me.
    “God is mightily honored when a people know they will die of hunger and thirst unless they have God.” – John Piper

  6. Absolute words of wisdom. Thank you.

  7. Oh, that I may encourage my Jesus Friends, the way you encouage me. Thank you so much. Having ‘been’ a Christian for over 50 years, I am learning so much from your God-given blessings to others. Thank my Father, that I am never too old to learn! Jan

  8. I can definitely relate to old lie #1–as it seems I have been on a perpetual diet over MANY years . But in the last FEW years I have never given up saying to myself I am God’s child & He loves me no matter what–& He wants me to be healthier, but I know I myself have to do my part too! In the past few month –I’ve lost a little bit for the first time in YEARS–& have managed to keep it off. Not much–under 10 pds—-& seems like I’m stuck again–but I will not give up! Seems to take forever for even a pound or 2–but it’s not how much–but it’s staying in the race! As for the french fries–had a little bit today in fact–right after service—& as you said in new truth #2–taste good for a few minutes–then bam–the guilt tells you you failed again! But I know with God–NO weapon formed against me will prosper in the end! God is faithful!

  9. Thank you for putting words to my struggle. So many times I have turned to food and never felt full. Now I know that when that happens I am spiritually hungry not physically hungry.

  10. Ruby in Wagoner says

    I grew up in a large family with a lot of friends. We played tag and I loved it. We always had what we called ‘the safe place’ where we could stop running, catch our breath and plan our next move. I hadn’t thought about that game in many years. Now, here I am, 60 or so years later and God has brought ‘the safe place’ to mind. God is my safe place. Running away from Him and being ‘free’ might appear to be exciting but it could end up very badly. When the negative messages threaten to tag me, I need to run to my safe place. When the smell of an irresistible food comes to tag me, I must to run to my safe place. When a loved one says words that will surely tag me and put me ‘out of the game’,my only hope is to run to my safe place. Thank you, Lysa for your words this 12th day of the challenge and thank God that He will never change. He will always and foreveer be my safe place. In Him alone can I stop running, catch my breath and plan my next move in order not to be tagged by my enemy. Praise The Lord!!!

    • Ruby,
      I LOVE your analagy about playing tag. I’ve been doing the same thing and not realizing it. I too came from a large family, large meals, and we had to eat what we were served (even if it meant throwing up without dad knowing about it afterwards). I was small and the smallest in the family. Now one of the largest (around). I hate it, and I stopped doing things because of the WORDS of someone else, making me run to the candy counter.
      Thanks for some Godly wisdom!

    • Wonderful analogy! Will also run and declare I am “safe” when the devil tempts me.

  11. Thanks Lysa! Good stuff!!

  12. I have never read an author that I felt understood what I’m going through before you, Lysa. Your illustration of a heart shape cup as a candy dish used to soothe my emotions is soooo me!!! Thank you for being vulnerable. I am learning so much from Made to Crave. I carry it with me everywhere I go and at times reread what I’ve highlighted.

  13. These devotions are so good. I look forward to them every day. Praying that I’ll have the strength to see it through and change my cycle of wrong choices. Finally got my book ordered ! 🙂

  14. How sad that we did seem to have these little heart-shaped cups in our souls, just waiting to be filled with something, anything really. How thankful I am that God is there for us, and has always been there, waiting patiently for us to realize that He is the only one we need to fill that cup. I can imagine the smile on His face, as He sees that we are finally “getting it.” We are finally walking along the path with Him, that He started for us so long ago.

  15. How good our God is that he made us with that hole that only He can fill! It is so hard to go against God when we know He has the best in mind for us. He made us for more!

  16. A light bulb came on in my soul when you said those Oreos only last for the time we eat them and the chocolate high is gone. I never thought of it like that and I praise God that he is going to fill my little heart shaped cup with him and his love for me. Carrots are beginning to sound like a pretty decoration for my cup.

  17. Boy I can really relate! Especially the title “But I Never Feel Full”. No matter how much I eat, I never feel full. My stomach may be stretched to the limit, but I’m not full. Gee, maybe I’m trying to fill my life with food (something that won’t satisfy) rather than with the only thing that truly satisfies. Thanks, Lysa!

  18. Lysa, your comments and all the responses others share speak to me so clearly about my own struggle for many years. A year ago I joined a program at work which helped me to lose 35 pounds in about 5 months, which I’ve kept off. The program helped me to focus, and reminded me of facts I already knew but was choosing to ignore. What has given me the strength to continue (despite occasional failures) and allowed me to remain committed to recognizing God’s presence in me and living as a temple of his Holy Spirit has been a prayer that came to me: “Jesus, teach me to hunger only for you”. Some days, I need to pray it many times, but the gift of his grace reminds me to do just that. Thanks to all of you for your insights.

  19. My heart stopped a few days ago when it finally hit me that chocolate has no special power. It’s just another food. The ability to pass things by continues to be difficult, but there is a peace in my soul, named JESUS, that has empowered me. I am getting stronger every day through His word. Thank you Lysa, for this book, thank you fellow Jesus Girls for your stories of support, and thank you God for never leaving my side!

  20. Wow!! Such words of Wisdom.Thanks for bringing the point home! I am using this Lenten season to draw closer to the Lord and not food or shopping to fill my cup!

  21. Lindsey Murphy says

    I think this all the time, I never feel full. Then bad times, I stuff myself sick. Do I feel full? Yes, but fulfilled? No! I Love, love, love your analogies such as the heart-shaped dish. I have been stuck in that rut forever. Food does not love me in return like God does. Thank you for the truth I needed to hear.
    Thank you Lord for Lysa helping me and my sisters in Christ overcome our struggles.

  22. I try to re-wallpaper my mind with the truth of God’s word, from Ephesians Chapter 1: “In Christ, I am blessed with every spiritual blessing, chosen before the foundation of the earth, accepted in Christ, adopted as His child, redeemed by Christ’s blood, forgiven by His grace, and loved with an everlasting love.” blessings, beth

  23. I need an accountability Jesus sister in the Buena Park Ca area. Is their anyone in that area thank you for all of your Godly words of advice. Gods word is awesome

  24. lynncorbin says

    Thank you for letting God work thru you , this book has help me lots, couldnt do it before and I think God wants me to do this thru him, I am so glad that I have run up on this bible study.

  25. Totally convicted – caught red-handed by lie #3. My version: “I just need to be soothed, comforted, and Doritos will do the trick right away. With God, I’d have to pray and wait and who knows how long it would take to feel better….” I don’t say this aloud, but if I acknowledge the script running in my heart and mind on the way to the kitchen, then I must confess that I’ve believed the lie of God’s distance and disinterest and insufficiency to satisfy.

  26. Beth Williams says

    I can relate to lie #1, only I use career, life, other things.

    Thanks for the insightful words today!

  27. Mary Colleen says

    Guide me in your Word Lord-Fill me with your Holy Spirit that which enables me to live for you and be used by you in the lives of others”.(one truth I read that has stayed with me)..We are soooo Loved! Thank you Lysa for touching our hearts again with His truth. God Bless !

  28. Thank you for sharing your inner struggles with the world. It’s so hard being transparent in a world that judges us. Thank you for allowing God to work through your life and onto us. I never thought I would ever to be able to get rid of my food cravings. I thought I was going nuts and made for fatness. I’ve been on my journey for over 3 weeks now, with your book in hand for 2 weeks. I had to confess, it’s hard at times because I’ll have craving for main meals instead of the junk snacks, but God has really been helping me to move past those cravings… I didn’t even eat pizza at the church gathering yesterday!!! If it had been last month, I probably would’ve garfed down 3-4 slices without even thinking what I was eating. I am just so thankful that I can be free now.. Thank you Lysa =) with all my heart…


    PS: I can finally fill my empty candy dish with God’s sweet joy… =)

  29. Thank you once again 🙂

  30. Wow! I love this. Very timely for me…thanks!

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