Day 16: The “G” word

Thought for the Day: “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul thirsts for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?” (Psalm 42:1–2)

Have you ever heard a sermon about your eating habits? I doubt it. Excessive drinking, yes. Excessive eating, never. At least I hadn’t until a historic church-going day when the preacher man pulled out the big “G” word: gluttony.

I rolled my eyes, as you have just done, and thought, “How dare you say to me that eating is a sinful desire?” But his point was brilliant and I took it to heart.

How can we stand and wag our fingers in the direction of alcohol only to walk into the church-wide, covered-dish buffet and stuff ourselves sick with fried, covered-and-smothered, grossly caloric delights that buckle our paper plates and cause our stomachs to cry for antacids?

I want you to hear me. I’m not saying that eating is a sinful desire. What I am saying is, if you have a script like this (“I’m fat, I’m ugly, and I’m not capable of getting it together”) playing in your mind, then something is waging war against your soul.

First Peter 2:11 reminds us, “Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and strangers in the world to abstain from sinful desires which wage war against your soul.”

In other words, if something is waging war against your soul, it is a sinful desire. Now please hear me again. Eating in and of itself is not a sinful desire. God made us to consume food, but food was never supposed to consume us. And if food starts consuming us to the point where we cannot feel empowered, then that is a problem.

I imagine at this point you are wondering if we really need to go there with this gluttony thing. It’s not exactly the most girlfriend-friendly topic that makes you want to say, “Preach on, sister. I’m loving this encouragement!”

When we rely on over-stuffing ourselves with food, drinking until we get drunk, or conducting an adulterous relationship, we are revealing a desperate attempt to silence the cries of a hungry soul.

Our souls have the same ravenous intensity as a vacuum cleaner; that’s how God created us — with a longing to be filled. It is a longing God instilled to draw us into deep intimacy with Him. The psalmist expresses this longing as an intense thirst:

As the deer pants for steams of water, so my soul thirsts for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?

Indeed, our souls are thirsty and ravenous vacuums. If we fail to fill our souls with spiritual nourishment, we will forever be triggered to numb our longings with other temporary physical pleasures that will never satisfy.


  1. Hi To all my sisters fighting the FOOD fight,we must hanging in there with GOD all things are possible .I am finally starting to figure things out that I need GOD and not FOOD Praise Him
    Bless you all, Helayne

    • Do you know of anyone that can hold me accountable? Most times when I asked Christians , they act like overeating is no big deal, but I think it is and I think God does too. God has never provided me with a person for accountability. Why do you think this is?

      • Fran,
        I am in the same place. I desparately need someone to hold me accountable, someone who recognizes that this is a spiritual battle. Weight watchers doesn’t work in this way. I know what to do and what not to do, but like Paul I continue to do what i donot want to do. I don’t know if we can do this on line, but if so I am willing to try. Let me know what you think.

        • hi fran and jaquie-
          there is over eaters anonomous. just google it and you can find meetings in your neighborhood. it works in the 12 step framework . i was so convicted of my sin in the past year and found not many christians to listen cause i am not “fat” i am average. i found oe anonomous but decided agains it in lou of ww and this book. i know it really helps haveing a friend who will go with you on this journey and i am blessed but more so it has been a growing relationship with God. I am finding areas of my life that still need to be broken and i really need to submit to God in all his ways. You may have different convictions than your fellow christian and that can be so hard especially when you are trying to figure this out but dont fall into judging them. i suffer and have to repent all the time for this. so if God leads you to the O.E.A meatings then you should go but if God just wants you to submit to him and allow Him to live His life through you then listen carefully. remember it is the enemy who uses the food for we over eaters as way to get us to sin. I am so broken now and I hate the enemy with my stomach burning with hate for him. I am done letting the devil get me to sin multiple times in one day, done!!!!! The only one strong enough to defeat the enemy is God and as long as we submit and allow God to live our lives for us we can do this. its when we try to live our lives for God that we fall way more often…. love you Jesus girls

          • Anne Marie says

            AMEN Tiffany!! Thank you for this encouraging and empowering comment!

          • Hi Tiffany,
            I identify with what you are saying so much. I actually have the OA books on my desk right now as I write this. I have been exploring what I should do, attended OA 20 years ago and entertaining it again. However, something, which to me is the Holy Spirit saying, all you need is ME. I have been successful on my weight loss journey but at a stand still for a bit. I find that I am most resistant to consistent exercise and commitment to that component of my journey. I am looking for someone that I can be accountable to on a daily basis and am enjoying Made to Crave book.


        • Angela Kelley says

          Ladies, I would be willing to join you. [email protected]. Please contact me and let me know.

        • Celerate is the website. A Christ center 12 step program that addresses hurts, hang ups and habits. Accountability is a big part of this approach. Check it out! God bless!

          • I have attended a Celebrate Recovery program for two years and it has absolutely changed my life! Unlike secular 12 step programs it abashedly claims Christ as our higher power. It aligns the beatitudes with the 12 steps and provides the support network I needed to claim victory over my hurts, habits, and hang-ups. There many churches that offer the program. I found mine through the web site listed above. I have been so excited about Lysa’s book because everything she teaches aligns so well with this program. Hope you can find one near you. If not start one at your church. We need not walk our paths to recovery alone. That was never God’s intention. Finding out I was not alone in my struggle has made l the difference. It is also why I LOVE reading everyone’s blogs. Community LOVE!

        • Hi Girls, I dont know if this is silly but If you ladies live near each other why not start accountability with each other. That what you can work on the “Made to Crave” stuff. Just an idea Sorry that it’s really late response!

        • What has come to me in answer to why I can’t find an accountability partner is that God wants me to be accountable to Him and Him alone. I will cheat, hide and lie about what foods I have eaten to another human but with God, well He sees all and my sin is against Him and Him alone as David said regarding his sin. Changes what I put into my mouth.

      • Look into a program called Celebrate Recovery – started by Rick Warren of Purpose Driven Life in Saddleback, CA
        It’s a twelve step program to fight hurts, habits, and hangups. You get an accountability partner – and it’s great.
        They’re held all over the country. Go to celebrate

        • AMEN Cindy!! I’ve been attending CR for 5 years–I have lots of hurts, habits and hangups to work through. This program is amazing! Every day I thank God for giving John Baker and Rick Warren the vision and wisdom for this program. I have accountability partners for my food issues, co-dependency and anything else that comes along! The friends I have made through CR at my church are my “chosen family” and I can’t imagine life without them. I praise God for this ministry. Food is a tough struggle for me–choosing God to fill that void instead of food gives me hope!

        • Cindy,

          Thanks for this information! I look forward to exploring this and determine if it is a tool for me to use on my journey!


        • Pamela Wheaton says

          This book includes a participant guide and a 6 week and better program for small groups. Perhaps your church would be happy to start a small group for those struggling with body image and food addictions/ailments. I am going to work with the materials myself first. But I can certainly see where this would be very popular in my church. I am not alone in my weakness to food and desire to surrender to God’s love and guidance.

      • Dear Fran; I too have been searching for an accountability partner. Please email me if you are still searching for someone. [email protected] Thanks Bonnie

    • There are a bunch of us on I actually found out about Made To Crave from ladies on that website. Someone posted in a forum (“the kitchen sink”) a discussion wondering if any other Christians are using that website, and how can we encourage each other. I was in the same boat… my accountability partners either didn’t really “get it” or they were just not in a victorious place to be encouraging me along, so I posted on that thread, asking the Christians on there to “friend” me. IT IS SOOOO ENCOURAGING to be in this battle alongside other ladies who are fighting it, too!

  2. Thank you Lysa, I needed this reminder today. I have followed your webcasts, read your book (I’m currently on the third time through), followed these devotions and have seen amazing changes in my heart! My relationship with God and dependance on Him has never been greater. My story is so similar to yours, it is remarkable. I have volunteered to fascilitate the Made to Crave bible study starting this weekend at my church. I almost didn’t do it out of fear of satan attacking me and me crumbling. But you are such an inspiration! You can do it for all of us, without fear, therefore I will do it as well with God’s help. Please pray for me to point others to God as you have me, in dealing with this life-long struggle. Thank you

  3. So true, Lysa! I love the ‘ravenous intensity of a vacuum cleaner’ imagery. I tend to suck in all sorts of ‘stuff’ to fill the void, but I think the truth has finally hit home that it is a God-shaped hole and can only be filled by Him. And thank you for bringing up this Bible verse today. It, in turn, reminded me of the beautiful song, and I worshipped God singing ‘As the deer…’.
    Have a blessed day, all my Made-to-Crave friends:)

  4. Some days I get up thinking, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” (“this” being making wise and healthy food choices all day long. But if I get into God’s Word as soon as possible – for me it’s as soon as I deliver my children to school at 7:30; in fact, I usually eat my breakfast as I’m getting into my quiet time with the Lord. It’s almost like sitting down to breakfast with a friend.No, That’s exactly what it’s like. I’m memorizing Gal. 5:1 for our local ladies’ Bible srudy; it says,”It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again with a yoke of slavery.” There, I just wrote that from memory! At age almost-57, that’s quite a feat. The Lord reminded me that the only yoke we should be putting on is His yoke. Matt.11:28-30 says, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” What a difference it makes! Blessings to all you overcomers!

    • Sue Ann, I am 58, and I do know what you are talking about! Who would have every thought that here we are in our fifties and we are just now and finally discovering what it truly means to give our eating to God?! I sort of feel like I have just wakened up to a huge new way of living for God that I never knew. Good for you for being able to memorize…I sure have a hard time with it. I have been dealing with a sinus virus for the past two weeks. I am tired and I don’t feel well. So, I don’t want to cook for my husband and I and I just want to eat comfort food to “help me feel better” and because I feel sorry for myself. I’m doing pretty well so far and hopefully will feel more energetic soon. Lysa penned it perfectly – we are on this journey to develop self discipline with the pursuit of holiness. I want to be more like my Savior. If that means taking my food and laying it all at the foot of the cross, then I am willing to do that. I ask Him everyday to be my portion, peace, and contentment. I’d sure like to know how many “fifty-sixty something” girls are out there with us. I’ts really hard to loose weight and get in shape at our age. We need to challenge and encourage one another! blessings

      • I am in my fifties and when I got down to my goal weight, I am only eating ( 3 days a week) once a day in the evening. Two days a week, I fast because I feel the Lord wants me to and the other two days ( which are the days after the fast days), I eat a small breakfast and a dinner ( no lunch). Also, this is what I feel the Lord wants me to do when I am obedient. Of course, there have been days I have been disobedient, but this is the plan that keeps coming to mind as to what the Lord wants me to do.

      • Hi Lynn! I’m a 56’er, too…and I need all the encouragement I can get! I’ve been reading these posts and feeling supported and blessed by all of you women who are waging the war against the flesh! I am finding that every morning I have to get into the word in order to fend off temptations, and have still found that I slide into old habits if I take my eyes off of Jesus during the day. Old habits die hard! Just today I found myself digging into some apple pie I bought for a special family dinner. I felt if I bought it, it wouldn’t taste as good as a homemade one and I wouldn’t be tempted! WRONG! It was better than any apple pie I’ve ever had! And wouldn’t you know, I failed to be strong in the Lord and just had to have a piece! I feel like such a failure when I do these things….not only does my disobedience hurt me, but also it causes me to feel ashamed of myself and further from God. But tomorrow is a new day and I need to just confess this and move on!
        I am also trying to hide God’s word in my heart…and agree with you that my memory is not what it used to be. But I believe God honors my attempt at learning more of Him, and applying it to my life. I also appreciate Lysa’s words of encouragement: “We are on this journey to develop self discipline with the pursuit of holiness.” Be patient with me dear Lord, I haven’t arrived yet! But I’m on the journey towards holiness! Please keep me moving in your direction and keep me far from the temptations that pull me down and away from you!

      • Hi Corinne,

        I am seeing so many posts here that I can identify with!! I just turned 54 and agree with what you said. I find that weak area is more in the form of consistency with commitment to exercise and simply a buddy that can identify and understand all the emotions we go through! I am healthier at 54 than I was at 44 but I desire to lose more weight and make exercise a daily part of my life. Whew!! That is easier said than done *for me*– looking for fun things to do so it doesn’t feel like a dreaded tasks 🙂


    • Sue Ann, We had a sermon on the topic of memorization in church last Sunday. We watched a short video that asked if we could remember old phone numbers, addresses, TV shows, etc. and then Gods word~ it was convicting and reminded me again that I need to fill my mind up with Gods word rather than thoughts of food. I grew up in Awana and did alot of memorizing, but have long since forgotten most of them, but some have stuck with me now into my late 40’s. The verse you memorized~Gal. 5:1, is perfect for the battle we are waging, thank you for the reminder.

    • Do you know of anyone that can keep me accountable? I have asked God and asked God and He has never provided anyone yet. I do not understand why.

      • Cynthia May says

        I have asked myself this question too. Why is there no one to keep me accountable? We are still uncomfortable with this teaching about food. It is so widespread, this gluttony and filling ourselves with food to fill the God-void, that there are few in our churches who are on board. Also, how do we go about it? Do we really want someone maybe judging us for being bad one day or week? Are we really ready to lay down our pride and self-preservation to rely on someone else to tell us we’re wrong? Again? I’m praying about this too.
        Maybe it’s as simple as you and I doing it on line. Every day.

        Love in Him,

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am just starting this 21 day challenge and this post is such an encouragement to me! I too arise every day with that same thought! I just turned 50 and cannot believe i am back to being overweight as 5 yrs ago I had lost 50 lbs. then early menopause hit – hard. I have been playing the role of the victim so well that I have not even given God a chance. Fran, Cynthia and Jacquie, the whole accountability thing would be ever so helpful for me too. I would love to join either of you in the process/journey of keeping one another accountable – without judgment or condemnation. we all slip up, and that is why God’s grace is so amazing. Please contact me if you’d like to start an online accountability friendship.

      • sharon schmidt says


    • I love this verse!! Thank you for sharing it! I can apply this verse to so much more than the slavery of food too! Satan has a whole arsenal of potential areas for slavery. I battle fear about so many things, especially those things over which I have no control, and I find that Christ can even set me free from this too. I am finding myself applying these truths to many areas coming up for “maintenence” as these truths penetrate my heart. The Holy Spirit’s been busy! 🙂 Thank you again for sharing God’s word. I am encouraged and overflowing with praise that my Savior can set me FREEEEEEE! 🙂

  5. Its so true. I wake up thinking about food, good to bed thinking about food and all thoughs thoughts should be filled with thinking of my Savior and Lord. Not food and what i can put in my belly. Love you all and Praying for you.

  6. We can become so consumed with filling ourselves that we forget God’s promise to us: “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things” (Ps 81:10, NLT). I pray that we will have humble hearts that recognize the futility of trying to fill ourselves and that we will let God fill us as only He can do.

  7. Sally in TX says

    Churches and Schools are a fright with excess food. Next week my school is having “Grazing Day”. I will need prayer! When we gave state testing it was accompanied by kolaches and brownies. Major sin fall for me that day.
    I need more God strength to walk on by.

    • WOW Sally! I will pray for you to have lots of strength and that God will be your portion throughout your day. I sure would have a really hard time also. Sure can relate!

    • Sally,

      Praying for you in this battle.

  8. I’m just starting this “Made to Crave” journey. I’ve been overweight my whole life but it’s just recently really come home to me that eating..or rather over eating is a stronghold in my life. I recognize the cycle I’ve been in and I truly want to have the “want to.” I just got the whole package (book, dvd, guide) in the mail so I am praying that this time it will stick. The knowlege that I’m hurting myself hasn’t had much effect but the knowlege that I’m hurting the heart of God makes me ill. I want to be a clean vessel for Him to use and right now, I’m not. Thank you for sharing your journey. I pray someday I can share mine as well.

    • Angie, thank you for your post of 3.3. I really appreciated the thought that, “The knowledge that I am hurting myself hasn’t had much effect, but the knowledge that I’m hurting God makes me ill.” Reminding me that this place I am in is such a stronghold in my life. I am stuck in such a “victim” mode. Woe is me! My joints hurt too bad to exercise, my insatiable desire for sugar cannot be overcome, too many other health issues to deal with. . . I get so tired of thinking about my “health” and my pity parties that i don’t even think about what i am doing to God – and I know better! I am just starting the made to Crave 21 day challenge , but have not purchased the book yet – because in my self, I am too scared. I know if I do I will have to pull myself out of this victim/pity party mode I have allowed myself to sink into and it will be hard. I hope that you are doing better in your journey to being a “clean vessel for Him to use.” Stay faithful!

  9. “Preach on, sister. I’m loving this encouragement!” Thank you for telling the truth..This is very encouraging for me…I have your book “What Happen When Women Say Yes to GOD”.. I am about to re buy “Made to Crave, Work book and Participant Guide”…I am hoping to start something at me church..and I am enlisting people as I go along….Thank for your “RADICAL OBEDIENCE” that is what I going to embark upon….”RADICAL OBEDIENCE”!

  10. Teresa L says

    Very True. It is sad but oh so true. And I totally hate falling into that trap :’0(

  11. I believe it is time to put god on the throne where He belongs and be able to tell Satan to take a hike with the temptations. Oh, how good giving in feels. But how much better we will feel when the weight, or whatever the hang up, goes away!!

  12. I am bad to think it is just food but it is truly gluttony in God’s eyes and we are just as sinful as the local drunk. I think more preachers need to preach on this and maybe so many church members would not have diabetes and other problems. We need to call our eating habits the problem they really are. I know it was a search for something that made me overeat and when I am tempted I turn to God and he gets me through. I have lost 23lbs but have a long ways to go but with God’s help I will make it. Praise God!

  13. I agree with Brenda, a good word from you both. I am encouraged!

  14. You really hit MY nail this time!!!! These reflexions have been talking to my soul, but this one hit home. Thank you Father! I am encouraged!

  15. I never found any encouragement as challanging as Made to crave. I suddely realised that my gluttony actually is stealing from my budget and makes me a hypocrite. I can make nice and cheep food for breakfast, lunsj and dinner, but, at least in Norway where I live, sweets is quite expencive. And when I adress my children I am good at saying: ” No sweets, it is not Saturday” or “No Coke it is not good for you”. But secretly I eat chocolate when I get upset upon an issue, like beeing a single mom of three, trying to make them more healty and wise than their mother. I teach ” Put your life in the palm of the hand of the Lord” but I might not be as good to place my oun problems there, it seems so shameful. Thank you, Lysa, for making me think.

  16. I am praying this is my last time around this mountain. I have lost and gained weight all of my life. I have been over 200 lbs several times. I started the spiritual journey to weight loss in Dec. I know it will work because the Word has healed me in so many areas of my life,this just seems to be the most difficult,maybe it’s because I enjoy food so much.Please pray for me. I am planning on starting “Made to Crave” in my church,I am sure this has intensified my battle. I really appreciate all the post everyone has made ,I have gotton alot of support just seeing others are going thru this same battle

  17. I believe Made To Crave has helped make my senses more alert and aware of God’s presence. Almost as if by not focusing on my sense of taste, my other senses have been intensified. Yesterday morning about 7:30 a.m., when I opened the door to go to work, and the brilliant rays of the morning sunrise came bursting through our neighbor’s tree, directly into my eyes, I paused, amazed at the beauty, I moved slightly to the right and I couldn’t see the sun’s rays, moved slightly to the left and I couldn’t see the sun’s rays, but as I returned to the center point, for what seemed to be several minutes, those rays shown straight into the eyes of my heart, and I suddenly became conscious of His Presence. I stood there, almost frozen in time, thanking the Lord for the beauty He created, and for drawing my eyes and my heart to appreciate Him all over again. blessings, beth

  18. I am reminded AGAIN…I was made to crave my God, who loves me and wants so much more for me than for me to wallow in self loathing. Thank you God …you have set me free! I was made to reach out to you and NOT that bag of chips. Keep me strong Lord, with my eyes on you and your purpose for ME.

  19. If anyone is looking for extra resources there is an excellent programme online call setting captives free. They do a 60 day Programme for Gluttony. Its an excellent site and help me with my addiction to smoking as well! God Bless you all in you faithfulness to follow Christ. xo

  20. I am hosting a ladies group with 11 ladies and each Thursday we meet to discuss and watch the video “Made to Crave”. I also make a healthy lunch and a friend will bring a dessert. When we first started our small group our food choices were not as healthy, we now are on a different path trying hard to focus on Him and what He wants for us. And I believe He wants us to be healthy so we can fulfill His purpose. I am not consumed with being a smaller size as much as I just want to be healthy and with that new realization I am becoming more comfortable in my skin! At 48 I am finding it is never too late! Find some ladies that will encourage you and lift you up! MOPS, small groups, bible studies, weight watchers, Overeaters Anonymous…..anything that has support! We were designed to fellowship so find a support group to help cheer you on! Blessings!

  21. Amen and amen!!!!!

    If I fail to fill my soul with spiritual nourishment, I will forever hear the evil one say “I’m fat, I’m ugly, stupid” Daily I read the Bible the first or second thing in the AM before work, & listen to contemporary christian music while exercising, & doing housework befor leaving the house for the world!

    The devil is a liar and deceiver always on the prowl and I must work twice as hard to fight the battle – I know that with God ALL things are possible!

  22. Mary Colleen says

    Celebrate Recovery by Rick Warren is being introduced in our church and is very empowering. God sends others to us to be His messengers of Hope and Love. Keeping our eyes focused on Jesus and realizing that we have to been in the right place for Him to do it keeps me pressing forward. Thank you Lysa for being a faithful and obedient servant of God as we find the “way out” that He has provided through you and others. God Bless!

  23. Hi Everyone,
    Are you still out there? It is June of 2011 and I just found the challenge and recently purchased the materials. I just turned 58 and have battled eating issues my whole life.

    How are you doing with your accountability?

    What all is Jesus doing in your lives now.
    Blessings to you!

  24. Leslie Miller says

    I want you to hear me. I’m not saying that eating is a sinful desire. What I am saying is, if you have a script like this (“I’m fat, I’m ugly, and I’m not capable of getting it together”) playing in your mind, then something is waging war against your soul.~

    I just said that exact script to myself right before I read this!! I just got back from a family reunion and looking at myself in the pictures I was shocked! Is that really what I look like? It left me replaying the old scripts of “I’m fat, I will never honor God in this area, how can He love me this way?!” Thank you for your words of encouragement and hope! I have 2 friends reading your book with me right now and we are speaking to our Pastor about starting a Bible study using Made to Crave. I pray that God will lead me out of this wilderness because I too am tired of wandering around and around! Thank you Lysa for being brave enough to write this book!!

  25. Dear ladies

    I am on day 17 of the challenge and have found each day’s devotion so inspiring. I am on my way to work out a plan and goals but have seen how all the advice that i used sofar has helped me . I lost 2 kg where before for many months the scales did not move whatever i did. I feel i have hope to overcome this sin in my life with God’s grace and all your help. I am 56 and agree with the other more mature ladies that it has been a real struggle, but victory is on its way, still far to go.I gave up sugar and bread as i read a lot about that in the comments and have been eating only one meal a day (six days of the week). Only with His help, it is a miracle!
    Please pray for me to persevere and not give satan any foorhold anymore!Blessings

  26. ALL we need is Jesus we are free from Sin and alive into God, He has set us free, having an accountable friend is nice but we find all we want/need in HIM. Please listen to “Sin no More by Michael Pearl” my flesh with all its passions and desires has been crucified with Jesus Christ. Now we get it..yes Gluttony is sin, it is not any better because preachers practice it and make it ok…every one eats.
    Once Jesus gets a hold of our hearts about this matter I have to reckon myself to be resurrected in Christ. It is not about believing in God it is about believing Him and His Word. KJV.

  27. Mary Ashley says

    I am twenty years old–I have given up sugar in most forms and I intend to work on carbs and breads after God has helped me conquer sugar. I just want to say that you are all an inspiration. Your stories help me draw strength from God. I am a college student at UGA and I find that people simply think I struggle with self-esteem. Body issues? Of course, but I find my worth in him, andI am wonderfully made.
    How do you explain this choice to others? No one seems to understand how ugly overeating is and how sinful it is–this is my second biggest struggle–sugar and compensating by overeating.
    I’d appreciate any wise counsel!

    • I just want to say that your choice to cut out sugar, bread and other simple carbs is what God has brought me to. I’ve just started making peace with this over the past 15 days and am so thankful to God for the surrender he has given to me. The worry over what others think of me every time I eat with anyone else and the topic comes up “you’re only eating the carrots”.. then I have to explain I’m allergic to soy, eggs, wheat, and dairy.. and they ask why I don’t eat sugar, etc.. .well, God is giving me His power to be OK with me, let them ask qu estions all they want but it’s about me, my body and God who made me just how He wanted me to be. And to let go of others opinions. Hugs friend, and hang in there. You will do this with God


  28. OUCH! My toes have just been stomped on, but THANK YOU so much for being real about this topic. I have toyed with the idea already, so the Lord has prepared me. I sing on the praise team at CR(celebrate recovery) and I have felt empathy with addicts, because I am one. I don’t share at all that I feel I am an addict too or at least am struggling with the same type of sinful desires, but my desires are for food so I think everyone will think I am nuts. I have been eating healthy for a couple of weeks and have had no results. I think the Lord wants me to be committed to Him and realize my eating habits are causing a wall between us, so that my motivation is Him and not appearance. This was a really eye opening lesson. I actually said those very words to my husband last night(fat, ugly, incapable of getting it together). I had to call him over to read it. Oh my! The Lord knows our minds and hearts so well. 🙂 Thanks again for writing this challenge.

  29. I also say “OUCH”!!! Yesterday, I WAS a vacuum cleaner, sucking up every snacky, crunchy, munchy food in my pantry! Even my husband was hungry and that’s unusual. Now as I sit here feeling all disgusted with myself, I wonder what on earth prompted that binge? I think I better go back and look at yesterday’s sermon notes. Perhaps God is speaking and we’re subconciously trying to make ourselves feel better about NOT listening to Him.

  30. I’ve just returned from a conference where the leader of a recovery program admitted he struggled with food addiction. It was encouraging to witness someone so well known admit to this “socially accepted” addiction. I have found that this addiction to food is usually well tolerated or made light of but it can damage our relationship with God through guilt and shame just as much as any other addiction that leads us away from God. Thank you Lysa for leading me back to the heart of God. Thank you John Baker for creating Celebrate Recovery to help me heal the hurts and hang ups that led me away from God in the first place. Through both of your programs I am finding victory through Christ over my addiction.

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