Day 21: A lifetime of fullness

Thought for the Day: Eating wisely can become more than just a diet. It can become our lifestyle! But better yet, we position our hearts to enjoy closeness and fulfillment with God for eternity!

I want to thank you for joining me the last twenty-one days. Our journey to healthy eating started by realizing how Eve, the first woman, gave in to temptation with food. We also read in the Bible how the Israelites, God’s people, struggled with food, which led to them wandering in the desert for forty years. Additionally, we read rich truths in the Psalms and New Testament which gave us a healthier perspective of food and of fullness in Christ.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised when the Bible ends with another pivotal verse about food. For me, this verse might be the one that elicits the greatest excitement in my heart. Revelation 2:7 says:

To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

Aren’t you encouraged to see that overcoming is possible? We can be more than just women who hide our struggles or deal with them just enough to survive. This verse in Revelation says “the one who overcomes.” In other words, it confirms that we can find absolute victory in an area where we once knew nothing but defeat.

There’s a reward awaiting those of us who press through our struggles all the way to absolute victory. This reward is crucial, because virtually anyone who overcomes a difficult challenge will tell you that their victory was the sum total of daily sacrificial decisions to reach a goal and the reward. I am thrilled to know that the reward for overcomers in Jesus Christ is that we are given the right to eat … in paradise! Eating from the tree of life with God will be unlike any satisfaction we’ve ever known.

Remember, you were made to crave God, not food. The best reward to healthy eating is experiencing closeness with God. I pray that you continue on this beneficial journey for a lifetime. Eating wisely can become more than just a diet. It can become our lifestyle.

And better yet, we position our hearts to enjoy closeness and fulfillment with God for eternity!


  1. Thank you so much for this 21 day challenge. It not only helps with eating, but with so many other areas of life. I have found so much encouragement in what you write & what others have posted. I will really miss these daily messages. Good luck to everyone on your journey through life. I know mine has been enriched by all of you & especially Lysa. We are all truly sisters in Christ!

  2. Lysa,
    I can’t rave enough about Made to Crave. I prayed this morning how I was so glad that the Holy Spirit kept nugging me to go buy the book. What a difference it has made in my life, your book was the vessel I needed to awaken my spirit. I am not overweight, my issue is being so restrictive with food then binging which has made me gain about 10-15 pds., this book and Gods word has helped me seek him with my stuggle and show me that he DOES care about this. I always thought there are so many other sins and needs in this world, how could God care about my “eating” issue. Your book and Gods word has showed me how he is using this struggle of mine to become closer to him and to rely on him. There have been many days I have had to get on my knees and ask God to help me and of course he did. There have been a few days the food won and I would feel so guilty for letting God down but, I would open my bible or your devotion the next morning and it was amazing how God would provide the words I needed for my guilt and shame. Made to Crave is helping me change outwardly (I have lost about 8 pds.) which people at the gym are noticing, but they are also noticing my attitude is “different”, I realize now that is how God is using my stuggle with food. Finally giving this issue to him has changed me physically so that when people ask me what I am doing differently, I can show how I have changed spritually. They want to know what diet, what exercise, etc. that I am doing, I stop them and say “I gave it to God”.
    I am still a work in progress but it is getting easier. I would love to see you do a continuation book on Made to Crave and talk about what to do when we do “slip up” and how to overcome that guilt.

    • “I gave it to God”….love that and can’t wait to use it when my efforts become noticible to others 🙂

      • Amen, Sister!

        Indeed I gave it God that’s why I have been abstain
        T from sugar and flour for five months. God is doing what I have not been able to do for myself. The reward is not just the 32 lb weight loss but closeness to God, all day long everyday. That is more filling than any food could be!

    • wow! I love the idea about what to do when we slip up because that seems to be my problem everyday. That would be a wonderful book to write. I just want to let you know, Ms. Lysa, how you are affecting the younger generation. I am a fifteen year old very health conscious vegan. However, I have always had problems with body image and find myself becoming more and more obsessed with food. Throughout the years, I have tried to deal with my stress and self esteem problems a number of ways that I thought would make me a more calm and peaceful person. I have tried yoga, meditation, raw food, ayurveda, and many other things that seemed good but really couldn’t fill me and drew me away from God because I put them in his place. I am not overweight at all but never accepted the body shape that God has given me and have always felt the need to improve myself. As a ballet dancer and aspiring dietician, I am extremely sensitive to issues of weight and health. About a month ago I was looking for answers to my problem with food and found this book and it was a Godsend. I literally cried when it arrived from interlibrary loan at my highschool and I’m pretty sure the librarian was thinking, “What is wrong with that girl?” I am still at the beginning of my journey but I am done making excuses for my turning to food rather than to God for healing and meaning in my life. I love Pappi (my affectionate name for God) and I am placing this issue in his hands. Over the last couple of months God has been gently whispering to me to trust him and give my whole self up to his lordship. Just yesterday I was crying out to God, asking him why he didn’t seem to be helping me or filling me at all. I felt hopeless. Then I heard him whisper, “Wait on me. Wait patiently for me my love.” I am committed to wait for as long as it takes to be filled by the almighty God. Ms. Lysa you are such a testimony, thank you so much! I will be praying for all my sisters in Christ who are going through similar issues. Don’t give up. Remember that even in the valley, God is there.

  3. Lysa,
    Thank you for the honesty and love that you have shared in your book. God directed me to read this book and then I read it again. Your words and experiences were like looking into a mirror, your triggers are mine too, your plan is what I needed to embrace. God is powerful when we are willing. It feels like a connection has been made to emptiness that no food can satisfy. It reminds of a verse in the bible not even sure where but is says “to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet”. God is more than I need for completeness and he made me for more. Thank you for this ministry. I have been blessed beyond measure.

  4. My only disappointment in receiving these devotions is that Day 21 is here and I only received 14 out of the 21 days! Although I really don’t have a huge problem with food (and no, I’m not denying it), my thought process about food has changed for the better. These Made to Crave devotions have all been good to change our thinking about cravings, but out of all of devotions, the one that impressed me most was the question, “What do you you crave more than Me? “It has made me think on a broader scale of “cravings” I have besides food. I wish everyone the best in their journey and can change their food centered lives into cross centered lifestyles!

    • Greetings in Jesus’ Name,

      I shall miss these devotions. I really appreciate your last phrase in the last statement, Denise. Wow! I want that change. Let’s all continue to pray for one another. Praise God for all the issues brought out by this challenge and the Holy Spirit we have to help us make necessary changes. May we all be strong in our inner men to embrace God fully, along with the truth with which we have been presented in this challenge. God bless everyone!

    • EILEEN SWORD says

      To Denise. I saved all 21 days. If you want I can forward them to you. just Email me and let me know which ones you need.

  5. I’m not sure exactly when things got out of control. I had to buy a dress today and I’m the largest I have ever been in my life. I’m so disappointed in myself. More so, that I didn’t see it.

    thank you for inspiring me to do better.

    • Life is so busy, and we as women are so overwhelmed with all that is expected of us. I, too, was at my largest when I began this journey with Made to Crave (I am partnering my efforts with and a support group at my church) on November 1st. I know that same disappointment you speak of, because I almost cried when I stepped on the scale that first night. Since that time, I have lost 26.6 lbs., and I know you can do this too! With Christ, all things are possible; even big, life-changing choices about food and its control over us! Don’t listen to Satan; he will tell you that you are a failure and there is no use in trying. He is a liar! Each day is a new day and God can, and will if you allow Him to, give you the strength to overcome!

  6. Kathie Hansen says

    Lysa – I am already missing my morning message from you, as the 21-day Challenge has sadly ended. I DID, however, begin a home study of your Made to Crave series earlier this week. We have our books and have watched the first video session togetherNine ladies are joining together, bringing so many diverse backgrounds and experiences. We know that God is leading each one of us and that He truly will show us victories, both large and small. I wanted to thank you for your openness and honesty upon which this book is based. I had been missing being in a women’s bible study, so feel so very excited to have discovered yours! Keep it all going!! And may we all remember to give God the glory as we morph from caterpillar to gorgeous butterfly! Thank you so very much!

  7. Thank you, Lysa, I was given a Kindle for my birthday and the first book I downloaded was “Made to Crave”…I am enjoying reading it on my Kindle and reading what other Kindle readers have highlighted in it–so cool!!! “Made to Crave” has helped me shift my focus from my sense of taste to all the other senses through which the Lord wants to speak to me…the Spirit of Christ speaks love, acceptance, life, and peace into my “innermost” part. I have been blessed by praying this Scripture-based prayer, “May the Spirit of Christ Who dwells in the innermost part of me, take authority over my soul (the seat of my emotions) and my body (my fleshly desires and appetites)” is from I Thessalonians 5:23-24—”May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”…and He will do it…I will keep trusting Him…trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees…praying for each of us in the “Made to Crave” family as we continue walking this journey together…blessings, beth

    • Thank you for these thoughts, Beth! I like the scripture based prayer you shared here, and the thoughts following. God bless you as you continue this journey.

  8. Thank you Lysa for opening of my eyes to crave our Lord & Savior vs. FOOD. I’m really taking on a whole new approach to healthier eating habits. May the Lord bless you & continue your work through His name. Kathie

    I put all 21 days in a file so I can start all over again!!!!!

  9. I thank God that He has made your book & bible study possible. Many of us in my bible study have been praying for this for a long time. We feel it is truly an anointed time. We get together and exercise before watching your videos and discussing the book and we also share tips on healthy living. Your stories and truths are the inspiration towards getting closer to God and remaining in His love, feeling victory over “deFeAT” (the fat!) I am glad I am on this journey so that I can get closer to God and so that I can feel that awesome victory. In the meantime, I will try not to forget to celebrate the daily battles I encounter — it truly can be empowering.
    Only in His strength,

  10. Esnart Phiri says

    Thank you, Lysa, the devotions have rily helped me. My life has been challenged and inspired. Glory be to God. Thank you very much

  11. thats so much for this journey i thank GOD for given you this message we are so made to crave GOD instead of food with his help & grace we will continue to perservere against all the unatural things…

  12. Beth Williams says


    Wow has 21 days passed already? This has been an eye-opening study not just on food, but on what God has to say about it!
    I’m personally going to miss not having this devotion to read daily, but have saved the others to reread.

    Thanks soo much for all you do for women around the world!

  13. Mary Colleen says

    Lysa you have been a true steward and God has used you mightily in this season of your life.and ours. You bring encouragement,comfort and edification to all who have had the priviledge to join you on this journey. I thank God first of all and others everyday who choose to be victorious in this life(for to live is Christ). God Bless your TODAY and every TODAY and may He create in each of us a wholehearted devotion to Him for He is THE WAY_THE TRUTH_THE LIFE….THANK YOU!

  14. Hello Everyone,

    Hearing everyone’s story has really encouraged me through my journey. Thank you Lysa for writing this book. It has changed my life for the better. My eyes have been opened and I am no longer wasting my money on the latest diet plan or even on fitness books because I know what I should be doing and that’s getting closer to God which in the end will help with everything in my life.

    -by the way can anyone tell me how to sign up or view Lysa’s webcasts?

  15. Thank you Lysa for these 21 devotionals which not only have helped me regarding food but also my Christian life – your perspective regarding our addiction and how God CAN help us overcome it and turn that passion for food in to a passion for Him. My “Made To Crave” copy has arrived together with the dvd and workbook and I can’t wait to get into it and continue what you’ve taught me here – I am sure I will come across what I’ve learnt here in the book as well but I need that kind of repetition to focus. Thank you so much and may God continue to use your talents to help others as you so clearly do. May God bless you and keep you Lysa.

  16. Gracias mil, thanks a lot. we walked this journey together. We did the study at the YMCA ( Harrison-Lawrence) in Indianapolis, IN. It was a beautiful experience for all the participants. Thanks for presenting this topic in such intelligent way. May God continue to bless you.

  17. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for shedding new light on our eating habits. It has been an interesting journey for me. I have lost 36 lbs, still have a way to go, but now I look at the temptations a whole different way. I see them as something that is trying to rob me of the good gifts from the Lord and keep me from intimacy with God through trusting in food for comfort and relief. I am about to start a study with several ladies, of whom I am leading through “Made to Crave”. I covet your prayer as I set out to help others come to the same freedom you have helped me to experience. Blessings to you, Lysa, and to the others who are attempting to overcome. Sincerely, and in His Love!

  18. Thank you so very much for this I will use it this coming year love you and please pray that I will be an achiver through all of this I need to lose 100 pounds this coming year my health is on the line your friend and sis Carol.

  19. Thank you for this 21 day journey. I have learned so much. Be blessed!!

  20. Thank you for sharing this with us out here who are struggling because we crave food and not Jesus. What i take home from this study is that I should crave Jesus and our relationship more than food that ends up on mt stomach, hips and theighs

  21. Thank you for this challenge. I am going to do it again! Like any book I read or study, I must repeat. The truths in this challenge are fresh and new. I want to go again in order to savor what the Lord has poured out through you.

  22. Thank you so much!! My Sister and I have been doing the challenge for the past 21 days … we talk about if often thru out the day to give us encouragement and fellowship together with the Lord centered in it all. We will continue to do the 21 days and I know will continue to learn from it. May God continue to Bless you in your ministry.

  23. Lysa, Thank you so much for this Bible Study, devotions and all the encouragement you provide. I feel like for the first time in30 years I really see my food issue’s as a God issue. I appreciate your honesty and the disclosure of your own personal journey. Thank you most of all in being obedient to Christ and His nudging to share the message He has given you. I continue to look forward to this growing dependence and craving for the One who made me!! To all the ladies out there,wrestling with this food thing like me, keep on keeping on. I encourage you all if you have not already, to get the Made to Crave Devotional. I personally cannot get enough of this!! Blessings to you all!

  24. Please,please,please continue….this is a universal problem and the apirituality and direction are so needed….this jorney could be infinite..even if this blog were available everyday….i need a friend in my journey. I am in my sixties. For two years i have tried every xiet,prayed,exercised,used supplements…i just cant lose this hugh 15 poinds on my 5 ft 2 inch body. I refuse to give up…but i would love someone to journey with me. Here is my email [email protected]. i pray that God wil unite our journies…amen

  25. Kristy TerKeurst says

    I would like to Thank YOU for listening to God and writing this book and these devotions. I have felt blessed and convicted when reading these along with doing this as a group at our Church and watching your videos. I realize some of it is repetitive–but I found that helpful–because if I didn’t catch it the first time–the second time was a great way to really get it!!! I just want to share what happened during the 2nd video session with you Lysa–as I hope you will get a laugh over it—during the second session you talked about your son–and telling him to remember who he is. Well my husband and I also tell our kids that very thing–but we also add on Remember WHOSE you are?? But when you said “you are a TerKeurst” it just hit me–yes I am–and at least 5 of the women in the group turned and looked at me. We got a good laugh about it!! Just wanted to share some humor with you!! Thank you again for your book and your bible study!!! You are a blessing from God!

  26. HAHAHAHAHA! I think God is so funny sometimes! He just told us at the end of the Bible that the reward overcoming compulsive overeating is that we get to eat! WOOHOO! Thank you Lord! (“To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.”) That’s hilarious! I love it!

    I have posted a few recipes on my website at
    Really yummy food………….HOPE they are a HELP! I especially like the Hot Blueberry Shrimp Salad.

    I am trying to cook something new each week so my menus don’t get boring. That is a big issue with me…….I tend to just eat the same things over and over and over again ad naseum! Then I just want to break out of jail and do something wicked just for a little excitement!

    Thanks Lysa for the good challenge! Stay blessed!

  27. I’m sad this 21 day journey is over already. I’m inspired to do a bible study group on this… I just need to find some ladies in my area who are interested.

  28. I have been so blessed by you amazing women pouring your hearts out and supporting one another in Christ’s love. Thank you so very much to all of you!!! And huge thanks to you Lysa for allowing what God has put on your heart to be written for all of us to have a hope we have never seen or experienced!!!! I can’t wait to see more from you….keep God’s light shining through you in this area…you are touching hearts and changing lives as you allow God to work through you!!! God bless you all!!! May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him….ROM 15:13

  29. AMEN,

  30. Hi, the series and group study information is very very good. I was wondering if there was a male adaptation to this? All of your emails clearly speak to women. I was wondering if there are any endeavors to make an adaptation for both Men and Women?

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