Day 3: Excuse me, pass the shame … please

Thought for the Day: We were made for more! More than this failure . . . more than this cycle . . . more than being ruled by our taste buds, body image, rationalizations, and guilt. We were made for victory. Sometimes we just have to find our way to that truth.

More than once, I’ve held the latest, greatest, diet book in one hand with my other hand wedged into the back pocket of my ever-tightening jeans. But the thought of taking the plunge and signing up for another diet made me want to sit down and cry. I’d return the book to the shelf, toss my head back, and sigh, “Another day, another time. I’m doing the best I can right now.”

It is so tempting to quit the health struggle entirely and pretend it doesn’t really matter spiritually. But it does matter and not just for the physical or emotional setbacks. It’s the denial of a fundamental spiritual truth. What is this truth?

Your parents might have said it to you when you got sassy and disrespectful . . .
“More is expected of you. You aren’t a brat, so don’t act like one.”

Your teacher might have said it to you when turned in a halfhearted term paper . . .
“You have more potential as a student than what you’ve shown here.”

Your friends have definitely said it when your loser boyfriend dumped you . . .
“He didn’t deserve you. You’re worthy of a better love than he could offer.”

Today, your heavenly Father is telling you the same truth: “You were made for more!” More than this failure . . . more than this cycle of defeat . . . more than being ruled by taste buds, body image, rationalizations, guilt, and shame. You were made for victory.

Ephesians 1:18 โ€“ 19 says: “I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which [God] has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.”

This truth is a great script to play in our heads every time we’re tempted with guilt, rationalizations, or the “I’ll-do-better-tomorrow” escape clauses. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I’m good in every other area.”
  • “I’ll do better tomorrow.”
  • “For heaven’s sake, everyone has issues. So what if food is mine?”

Addressing our thinking is one of the most crucial steps toward permanent progress in any area and stopping the cycle of shame and defeat. We have to rewrite those negative scripts by getting into the habit of saying truth. And, the first of these truths is, “I was made for more.” Wrapped in this truth is a wisdom and revelation that unlocks great power.

We need a power beyond our frail attempts and fragile resolve. We need strength greater than our taste buds, hormones, temptations, and our inborn female demand for chocolate. Yes, the truth of who we are and the power to live out that truth — that’s what we need. So, say it out loud with me today: I was made for more!


  1. I have been depressed for several years and each year it seems to get worse. I always used to be optomistic and generally happy but each winter, after Christmas, the depression seems to get worse and harder to pull out of. My weight is at an all time high and I find that I don’t have any hope to make changes. “Crave” and it’s spiritual aspect is intriguing to me and I am hoping that this is “what I am missing” in my life. I am a regular church attendee and have felt that it’s my spirit that needs nuturing.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Laurie Coombs says

      I pray that you find hope in the midst of your depression. I, too, have been there but am no longer. Seeking Jesus with all my heart (though not perfectly) pulled me out from my dark pit. He saves!!! Find you hope in Him…

    • Cindy- just because you are a regular church attendee doesn’t mean your spirit is getting fed. Many churches no longer preach the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Not sure if I’m allowed to but I’ll post a link here to a recent sermon that clearly presents it (see April 8, morning).
      Also, antidepressants are not necessarily bad to help get out of a dark place. I’ve been on them before. Hope you are getting some hope! You are not alone!

    • Cindy,
      I too suffered depression for many many years. But its very possible to overcome. Make sure to be in a church that fills you. We were for so many years in a church that we could not see the Spirits work in. It was kind of dead. We went to the same old church that our folks grew up in. Surround yourself with Spirit filled people. You need this at this time. And lean hard on Jesus. He doesnt mind. Trust Gods word totally. Its really amazing to see what happens when you do. He is able to do more than we can ever imagine.

    • Cindy,

      I have had despressions for years and years, and they only disappeared through Him when I gave my life to Him somewhat
      years ago. When Jesus steps in, the devil must flee! With all his stuff, like in this case depression. Depression is not an illness, it’s a spirit. So let the Lord Jesus deliver you. Only He can. All the other solutions are temporary ร nd just suppressing the real reason, which is bondage off the soul through the enemy.

      • Elaine Jeffrey says

        Although I agree with most off the comments and Beleive Jesus I feel that we need 2 b careful when giving advise Bout antidepressants , sometimes they r needed 2 override the chemical imbalance , I am certain that our lord would not want us 2 feel guilty if at some stage off life they r prescribed

      • Sandra,
        There are clinical versions of depression that are absolutely medical illnesses. Please be careful to not over-spiritualize things. God does give us hope and peace through the power of His Holy Spirit. He also frequently uses doctors and medicine to help us overcome physical challenges. God wants us to use wisdom to seek-out appropriate help, and that may take many forms. I am sure your reply wasn’t meant to sound this way, but it sounds like you were implying that anyone who is suffering from depression has not submitted to Jesus, which is completely untrue. I have not personally suffered from depression, but many of my close family friends have and they are all completely sold-out for Jesus.

    • Cindy,

      Be encouraged. Change begins today. Just the fact that you are reaching out and sharing is a victory! Continue to cry out to God from your darkest and most honest place, and then find His answers for you in His Word. I am praying for you and looking forward to hearing your testimonies of VICTORY and a FULL spiritual life!!

    • Oh my – been down that familiar road, around that familiar mountain – “the pit” – that’s what I call/called it. I am freshly learning that any change is “a choice”. REcently when I got back on track (once again) here comes the “snowball”. I wallowed for one evening, then I prayed and asked God’s help. I woke up the next morning and realized that I had to make a choice not to go back in that pit. He’s giving me many tesy days – and when i am weak, He is strong through me. But, I have to choose and ask Him – to give Him authority to over-ride my flesh. And to stand in my weakness. He is ready, willing and able. Satan’s big ploy is to keep our minds in that negative mode, then telling us God doesn’t care because we have disappointed Him. We need to stop listening to the voice of the accuser/deceiver. (I am preaching to myself!)

  2. I am made for more…. Yes this is true. The tactics of the enemy is to tell me that I we are worth less than our value. I am learning on this journey to speak God’s word back to these thoughts and addresst these tactics. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.!

  3. Heather Bireley says

    Too often I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see but I feel that I am so busy doing for my family that I don’t have time to do for me. It is hard to remember that in doing for me, I am doing for them because I am healthier and I feel better and can do more with them. I am better than the person I have become.

  4. I am so excited to be starting this journey with so many sisters in Christ. Food has so long been a struggle that has caused me to turn away from God in shame and self-defeat. Now I believe I was made for more than this repeating pattern of defeat. God wants more from me and so do I. God knows the plans he has for me and I want to be ready for his calling. Thanks Lysa for creating a way to make this journey with so many other who are increasingly shifting their focus to God. I am so grateful you followed the plan God had for you!

    • Laura knerr says

      Thank you for saying these words! Its how I feel too, but I couldn’t have expressed this well. What a beautiful journey God has in store for you, for all of us!

  5. Hi Ladies , thanks for sharing your hearts – it gives me courage too. I was made for more! Some days I believe it and other days it is very hard, like when you start a day off right, and then fail misserably. I want to believe it, I will choose to believe it. I am afraid of failure and another rollercoaster ride. I would greatly appreciate prayer!

    • Sending prayers to you!! You can all things with God!! We are worth more, it took me a while to really truly believe that! Jesus Christ loved us so much on that day that He gave himself for all of us not selected people, all of man kind!!! That includes you and me!! ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you!!

  6. Here it is the last day of January and I’m starting again! After a bad Christmas with 3 blood clots in my legs and 2 in my lungs and my 51 birthday, I need this change. The Made to Crave Bible study at my church will help. I WAS made for more! To be in God’s service I have to be healthy so I can accomplish what He wants me to. Keep me in your prayers. The accountability thing sounds good if anyone is interested.

    • It sure does sound good Cyndy. Hold on, and push through. I have had a setback this week and needed a boost to get back on that bandwagon. I was doing a lot of excuse making, and needed to see this too. I am headed back to working out tomorrow, and getting those whispers of the enemy outta my head!

    • Cyndy, I too suffer with numerous health problems and need an accountability partner to keep me on track! I have just prayed for you. We do not have this study at my church, but I plan to do this for myself.

  7. Wow.. I was frustrated I had messed up again and was feeling embarrassed to get back up from my failure when this email came. This email literally spoke to me! I was embarrassed because of my shortcomings just a moment ago.. Now I won’t need to! Thank you for this encouraging message! Victory, here I come!

  8. I love this. I am MADE FOR MORE. Thank you for helping change my life. I feel for the first time that I won’t die early and leave my son with autism by himself. God Bless.

  9. I was made for more. Heart filling….not stomach filling, fat cell filling empty calories which just make me feel emptier than I felt before. Lord please help me to tell this flesh to just Shut Up. I want more of You in my life, more love, more grace, more mercy, more power to do Your will, walk in Your ways, speak Your Truth into every thing life dishes out to me today! In Jesus Amen I was made for more!

  10. I was made for more….I was made for victory! I like that……Lord please turn up the volume in my soul so that the enemy of my soul (and body) can’t be heard…..only YOU saying I am valued and am made for more….I was made for victory!!!!

    • Sandi – God wanted me to remind you that you indeed were made for more!!!! Have blessed listening day : )

  11. I’m really really struggling with binge eating right now. I have struggled with it on and off since childhood but it has grabbed a tight hold of me these last couple of months and I can’t seem to break free. I’ve read Made To Crave, which I love and I’m going to keep reading it over and over and over until I defeat this with the Lord’s power. I know I was made for more.

    • Amen, Sister-in-Christ! Take heart! He has overcome the world! John 16:33 and He can help us over comee our fight with food. I don’t know why I tried to do this in my own strength. Well, yes I do…I’m stubborn! I heard th song “Beautiful” by Mercy Me lastnight and here are some of the words: “you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you were made for so much more than all of this…you are precious, you are sacred, you are His”! So encouraging and goes with the “made for more” theme that Made to Crave gives us.

  12. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and somewhere inside me is that body that God desires for me to have. A body that is healthy both physically and spiritually. He made me for more than this, more than to be a slave to my unhealthy food craving and He has given me, through His Holy Spirit, the strength and will to do what I cannot achieve on my own. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I need to learn to live in the moment and trust in Him in the moment. Thank you all for the words you share and thank you Lord, for seeing “more for me”.

  13. I have not only been struggling with food, but I have also been struggling against the voice that tells me that I am not worthy of God’s love. The fact is, none of us are in our own merit, but because our Savior spilled his blood for us, I am worthy. The voice is lying to me. I am not overcoming my food addiction on my own. He not only gave his life for me, he sent his Holy Spirit to guide me every step of the way. If he can be for me, who can be against me? I must believe his truth, and rebuke the enemy’s lies of condemnation.

  14. Roberta Northern says

    I sm created to be the best that He created me to be and do. This is so good to my spirit

  15. I need to truly believe that I am made for more. I let myself get off track with my desire to get rid of my excess weight. My favorite “it’s not my fault” is the fact that my hubby struggles with not having sugar, etc. in the house. However, lately he has been doing much better and is even losing a few pounds while I stay at the same level. The reason? I can do whatever I want when I’m at work (or so I tell myself). My prayer is that I can say no, even in my own home and come to realize that not only am I made for more, but I can be more in Christ.

  16. I’m grateful I found the book n especially this community. Knowing other women are in the same struggles helps me keep moving forward. And I see victory now where before I felt overwhelmed. Thank you Jesus and Heavenly Father

  17. Rita Kress says

    This is so true. If only I would not just agree with it in my head, and start doing it. I agree with it, but my motivation to actually live it out is weak. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” is true for me. God help me!

  18. I’ve struggled with living aimlessly. My heart hasn’t been stayed on the Lord. I miss Him, need Him and want Him. I feel that the Holy Spirit inside of me is lonely, feeling starved. I want to communicate with Him, but my attempts at getting into the Word at times seem fruitless. I know this is why I overeat. I want to be strong in the Lord not a big fat baby. I want to give and have purpose. I don’t know if my husband and my children are my only area of focus or if God desires me to work on some of the things that are on my mind. I want to no longer be tossed by the wind, I want to be rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ! I pray this for each of us and believe it for myself. When I am rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ I will spiritually, mentally and physically produce good fruit. Just as Sandi prayef, I pray that the Holy.Spirit turn up the volume to where all I hear is Him, I Lord and give you permission I take the lock off of this area of my life. God bless each of you as you seek Him and are empowered from on High. The dame Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is quickening our mortal bodies. Praise Jesus!

  19. I could give a handful of reasons, excuses, to protect the fact that I am failing at this. Yo-yo dieting has threatened my health and marriage and at 60, I just can’t afford to allow it anymore. I don’t want to use those excuses to allow my health to go bad at this age. I wish to enjoy a long life with my sons and their sons. I am a strong christian woman and know God’s love for me . So why am I so weak in taking care of my health?

    • Judy, when you can’t take another step take 10 more and then 10 more after that. Success isn’t easy but with God’s help it is possible because He does the impossible!!!! Don’t give up, YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!!! You were made for more than failure, you were made for VICTORY!!!!!

  20. Stephanie says

    Amen! I know I was made for more! God is awesome and I have to say that this made me thankful for the healthy journey I have been on for the past year. I still struggle with my temptations, but God gets me through them. A year ago I weighed 289lbs and today I weigh 238.8. God is the only reason I have been able to be this successful compared to all my other attempts to lose weight. Made To Crave has been such an eye opener for me and really hit home about going to food rather than to God for my fulfillment. Sisters, rise above your food addictions, it can be done. You can defeat the evil one’s plot for you to fail in the name of Jesus!

  21. I am so tired of the yoyo dieting. I can encourage someone else but not believe it for myself. It is time to take my hands off the wheel and surrender to God. I know there are no quick and easy fixes. I pray that God will send His holy spirit to encourage me along this new journey. I pray also for those that are journeying this road also. Our strength comes from the Lord.

  22. Patti Goodale says

    I am made for more! In this truth lies purpose & value. Dear Jesus, help us all experience this truth today!

  23. Ceci Briones says

    First time a devotional is actually really touching me deeply and meaningfully!!

  24. “I am made for more!” Do I really believe that? Really?! I know what God’s word tells me, but often, instead of hearing God’s truth, I believe the lie from the enemy.
    I have used this statement over and over again… ” I am good in every other area.” Well, good for me, right?! I don’t want “to be good,” I want to live a victorious life! I want my Father to be my source of satisfaction and fulfillment, not M&M’s or ice cream.

    I am made for more! I will believe this and live this today. Ladies, will you join me?

  25. Sonia Oglesby says

    If you get a chance listen to Be More by Paul Dateh. It is so fitting. It is a secular song, but everytime I hear this song. I want to be more in Christ. I have always thought of it in those terms. Now I will apply it to my spiritual life as well as my health. I want to be more than high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health related disease. All good for God. Be More…….

  26. I am so very happy that we can share in this journey together this way. I love that Lysa wrote the book and does what she does, the Lord is using her in a mighty way. I have been and feel guilty about not being able to stick with a healthy eating plan & excersice. I actually really think about and long for junk food so much that it has ruled my life for way too long!! Yes, “pass the shame please”, if I can’t handle things in my life anyway , why care about what I eat ? As long as I get my “fix” for the moment, I’ll be ok. That is a very sad way to live. That’s not how God wants us to live, but it is unfortunatly the way I have been living. The good news is I’m done with that way of life. I am made for more, just like all of you that are reading this right now. The Lord wants us to live an abundant life and the only way to do that is through Him. I accepeted the Lord in my life about 10 years ago and even though God has shown that he is with me, taking care of me, and yes disciplining me when I need it, I am still so stinking stubborn and think I should fix everything and that I have control of what others (kids, husband) do with their lives. This lesson in “Made to Crave” not only hit me with food addiction, but with everything else in my life that I have not surrendered. Many of you, say “everything else in my life is fine”, mine not so much. I have trouble loving my husband who is not a believer and an alcoholic (I love him, just don’t like him), I myself am an alcoholic who still struggles with wanting a drink from time to time, and working in a family business has its stress for sure. The main thing I am trying to get through to anyone who is reading this is that nothing else will work in life, nothing else will give you peace and joy no matter what your circumstances are, except for surrending you and EVERYTHING that has to do with you to God. Even what we eat. So, this book has made me realize it is time for this baby christian to grow up!! To live the life the Lord wants me to live. Quit going off my feelings and just do what pleases God. In return God will bless me I’m sure, he already has. Let’s count our blessings everyday and be thrilled that we have a choice of what to eat because so much of the world does not. Let’s do our bodies good and fill it up with nutritious foods that will make us a better person to represent our Savior, Jesus Christ. I read that a lot of you have had depression problems like I have through out the years, and the Lord will pull you out of that pit too. Just surrender and trust Him in everything, he knows what he’s doing : ) Prov 3: 5&6 Lots of Love to all!! Nothing is impossible with God!!

  27. Ernestine S. Bonicelli says

    It is important to be in a bible believing/preaching church, but it’s even more important to be in the bible for ourselves. Daily. If you aren’t doing it, start with one Scripture verse and ask God to give you a love for His Word. If you are doing it, ask Him to give you more love for His Word, and show you how to guard your time to be with Him in study and in prayer. This is where the power comes from to consider the flesh dead and believe the Holy Spirit to live the life of Christ through you. He wants to live His life through us, as He lived in the earth when He was here. He said we would do greater things than He did, but it must be by His power within. That means believing His Word, and You have to know it first!!! I am still fighting to consistently reckon my flesh to be dead, but I do know that truth and how necessary it is. Do not give up! That temptation comes, but we must not. There is no failure until we quit. There is always hope as long as we keep plugging. Love to all my sisters out there, and may God honor the desire of our heart to let Him control our eating and our entire lives to the glory of His name.

  28. Amen.
    thank you for offering these devotionals for free.
    I’m trying to fall in love with God’s word again.

  29. At church on Sunday during the sermon, It hit me right between the eyes. Every time that we are sinning we are hammering those nails once again, we are whipping him once more, and we are pushing those thorns deeper into his head, every time we sin. I never thought of it like that. When we place food higher than our Lord we are sinning. So by reading this book, doing the challenge and really making a change is something I want to do, something that I need to do and something that God needs me to do!! I’m excited to see what God does in my heart, head and in my life during this change and forever after!! God bless all of you!!

  30. I am 63 years old. I have learned a lesson through the years. When I was young I dreamt of meeting someone who would make up for my poor self image.A MAN DOESN’T COMPLETE YOU!!!YOU ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST!!!!I know God has given me wonderful
    abilities .I am more comfortable with how I look. I will take care of my body. It is God’s creation!!!!!!!!!!

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