Day 6: Friends don’t let friends eat before thinking

Thought for the Day: It’s possible to muster up the occasional gumption to avoid the slippery slope of compromising a diet. But more often than not, we need measures of accountability. For me, one of the most effective accountability measures has been mutually tracking progress with a friend.

I love the song by the Supremes that says, “Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart. Think it over.” Who would have thought this classic tune could apply to so much more than a girlfriend warning her wayward beau? Contained within the melody is a powerful statement that applies to many areas of our life: Think it over. I wonder how many bad choices and severe consequences could have been averted if that three-word statement had been applied.

Sometimes we can muster up the gumption to think it over on our own and avoid the slippery slope of compromise. But more often than not, we need measures of accountability. For me, one of the most effective accountability measures has been mutually tracking progress with friends.

For instance, I have a friend who started eating healthy ahead of me, and she’s been an invaluable source of encouragement. She was the first to challenge me, “Lysa, if you do this healthy eating plan, it will work.” I clung to her statement when I had those really hard moments
of temptation.

My friend served as a voice of reason and stability, assuring me that my new lifestyle choices would be worth it and get easier. Plus, I hated the thought of having to admit that I hadn’t persevered when she asked. If she could press through her hard days, then so could I.

Another friend started a healthy eating plan along with me. We both knew it would be hard, so we committed to pray for one another as well as hold each other accountable. Each day, we talked about what we’d be eating. Every week, we reported our weight to one another. We processed each struggle and helped each other battle temptation.

While I cannot expect anyone else to make my decisions for me, it was motivating to know that someone else cared about my struggles. We encouraged each other with this motto, “If it’s not part of our plan, we don’t put it in our mouths.”

I never thought I could leave my old eating habits full of potatoes, white bread, pasta, rice, chips, brownies, and other sugary delights. I didn’t think I’d last a day. But watching my friend’s success and having my other friend willing to sacrifice with me gave my brain the permission to stop — in the name of love — and think it over.


  1. On day 6 and having trouble getting started-today I embrace-THINK IT OVER. today I will think it over. Thank you Lord.

    • Hi Susan!

      You can do it! I am praying for you!! I know how hard it is, trust me. I am struggling so much too. Every day is a new day. If you can just get through this day and then start over tomorrow you will do great

      HANG IN THERE!! You are not alone!!


  2. Having a plan and support will help keep you on track. Although my family is very supportive of the healthy lifestyle of am trying to introduce, it is great to have someone that will hold you accountable to keep this up. I pray I will have a good Christian friend will come along and want to walk this journey with me .
    Thank you for the article.

  3. We have recently started this study at our church. I’m working on craving God more instead of food. I’ve been reading about having an accountability partner. My problem is I don’t know of someone who could do this for me. Someone that I feel really comfortable with to help. My husband is in the military and we move frequently and will be again this summer. My husband would do it if I asked him, but I really want another woman to go through this with me. Women understand women and our bodies. Does anyone have suggestions or can pray for me?

    • Saw your post – may I suggest that you get an online buddy? Daily Strength has approximately 500 groups and one of them is called Weight Loss Buddies – its a great group run by Doris104. As its online it doesn’t matter where you live – I live in the Middle East and have buddies in the States! Good luck with finding someone to be accountable to. God bless.

    • Lynda Tesney says

      Hi, I read your post Laraine, and I totally understand. I don’t know if you’d be interested or you might want to do this yourself but I started an accountability group on my Facebook page, I asked all my friends who might be interested and anyone that responded I invited. So daily I go in there and check posts and we share things we’ve eaten, exercises we’ve done, ideas anyone might have, I even share some of the daily posts from Made To Crave. You can friend me on FB, I know you don’t know me from Adam but I don’t mind, If you friend request me just put a note in there about this post and I will know who you are, because I don’t accept anyone I don’t know. Well here’s to your success. And all of ours.

      • Lynda Tesney says

        well never mind I didn’t see the date you had posted on. Oh well

        • Hi Lynda,
          You don’t know me,but l’m on the 21day made to crave. As l was
          Reading the comments I noticed yours, about accountability. I’m hoping
          That you will allow me to be on your facebook..
          My full name is April Baity. I am already on fb. But it is still new to me,need help! If you can.
          sincerely, April:) smile!!! God Bless too!

  4. At the same time I bought Made to Crave, I also bought the book “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.” It has been really something to see how God has used both of them in tandem to speak to me about the busyness I keep in my life to keep from dealing with my emotions – that, in the end, usually leads to overeating. Today, I read where God is all about fullness – Eph, 3:17-19. Being truly filled up with God will probably lead to us being stretched right out of our comfort zone, says the author Joanna Weaver. Are you willing to let Him do that, even with your food? Praying for the others walking the road today…I’m going to speak with a dear friend tomorrow about being my accountability partner and am amazed that God placed her in my life when He did. She was the only person I could think of as I read that chapter and this blog – I feel certain that her presence in my life was Spirit-led.

  5. I have found it helps me to pray God’s Word, “May the Spirit of Christ Who dwells in the innermost part of me, take authority over my soul (the seat of my emotions) and my body (my fleshly desires and appetites)” from the scripture: I Thessalonians 5:23-24—May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it. This scripture tells us that we humans are made up of three components: spirit, soul, and body. The more we allow the Spirit of Truth dwelling in us to take authority over our bodies and souls, the more the wholeness of Christ will take authority over every part of us—we will live from the inside-out. I began to celebrate the glorious fact that God Himself is the One at work in and through me. God is thoroughly interested and involved in every single part of us: body, soul, and spirit. Also, this verse identifies God specifically as the God of peace. We will experience God’s peace when every part of the life—body, soul, and spirit—is surrendered to His wise, loving, and liberating authority. Peace is the fruit of authority—God’s authority. As Colossians 3:15 says, “Let the peace of Christ rule. Christ brings His peace where He is Prince. That’s what the title “Prince of Peace” represents.

  6. This is so cool! I have a friend/church leader who is helping me in this journey of eating healthy and she actually began doing it herself, so, yes, it is better when someone is sticking up with you and praying for you as well.

    Let tomorrow — because it’s 11:46pm, otherwise I would say T O D A Y — be a brighter day for each of us, and let us see that eating healthy is worth it. “IF IT’S NOT PART OF MY PLAN, I WILL NOT PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!!!”

    XOXO, 😉

  7. I have heard that eating certain foods in combination will help you lose weight.
    If anyone has heard or seen a combination food list, could you please share.
    Last week was my first week of really focusing and watching what I ate, even
    though I gained 1 lb I now have goals set. In HIM all things are possible!

  8. I too am struggling to find an accountability partner…I don’t have a lot of friends I can count on or even trust…I am reading the book and attempting to follow a plan but right now am battling bronchitis and am taking meds (antibiotic, steroid, cough medicine)…I am a nanny for 3 kids but I do have some free time…Please keep me in your prayers…

    • Hello Vicki.. I to have the same problem. I don’t have someone close to me that I trust and is strong enough not to baby me through this. I will keep you in my prays.. Feel better soon. Tea with honey and lemon my cure all… 🙂

    • Lynda Tesney says

      Vicki read my reply to Larraine and that can apply to you too if you would like.

      • Lynda Tesney says

        Wow I just realized these posts are from last year.LOL My dumb self a little late I guess.

        • Lynda ~ The Lord does not like it when you put yourself down by speaking “My dumb self…” You obviously have a servant’s heart or you would not have reached out to our sisters in spite of how old their posts are… Part of my battle is self-esteem, NOT thinking very highly of myself (that’s 1 reason why food became such a comfort). But the Lord has shown me how much He loves me over the past few years & after all I am – we are – the daughters of a King! Our Words have power: life or death. So I encourage you to speak nice to yourself & about yourself. Jesus didn’t do what He did to have us use our mouths to speak poorly of ourselves or of our neighbor….
          Growing in His image & likeness,
          “Sister” CharLee in Molalla, OR

        • Your information was still good for those of us who are in the same situation and are coming along a year later, even if the person you replied may not need it!

  9. Good Morning,
    I am new to Made to Crave. Been battling diets since I was early in my teens. I am now going to be 53. One thing we need to remember is GOD is on our side. He cares about everything in our lives. I do have a tremendous program that has worked for me before..(starting it I have a coach. The problem I have had is..I lose the weight..only to fall back into the old eating habits. This is a JOURNEY…not a DESTINATION. Yesterday on my way to work, I prayed. then I asked the Lord just to give me a scripture…to help me. I turned on the Christian radio station…a woman came on..not sure who..but the scripture was..Delight thyself in the Lord and HE SHALL give thee the desires of thine heart..Psalms 37:4. God gave me this same scripture before..maybe 30 years ago…when I was a miserabe single. In July I will be married 19 years. When God gave me the SAME scripture…I had to laugh…I bet HE was too! God is good and we do not have to make the journey alone.

  10. I do need to STOP especially when it comes to some of the not good for me foods that I love. I need to turn that love back to Jesus and realize that pizza is a fleeting amour but Jesus is the real deal and will keep filling me up … Thank you for the word that I needed this morning. Guilt-free salad for lunch… 🙂

  11. Hi everyone, first time posting. I realized this morning I have avoided reading the emails..ouch. Because, it would require me being ready “today” to change my heart. I prayed to God for forgiveness and here I am. I missed all the podcasts I hear people referring to. Is that something we can still watch? Are you all following a certain reading plan in the book to correspond with the 21 day challenge? I would appreciate some guidance here.

    What a blessing to have accountability partners. I definitely do not. Every one I have ever had winds up fading out in this area.
    Hope you all have a blessed day

    • I forgot to listent o the podcast last night as well. I hope there is still a way to hear it. Please let me know
      May we all reach be faithful to our faithful God today.

  12. Mary Colleen says

    Joyce Meyers book: Battlefield of the Mind Devotional which I have been reading is very encouraging and one passage in it came to mind today when she used a woman’s testimony for success in what she was dealing with . She said “Get behind me Satan! Me and Jesus have a work to do!” Oh the power of Positive Thinking eh? I pray that Jesus will send each and everyone that significant other along side you to be loving and supportive friend in your struggle…..God Bless!

  13. Alison L Herman says

    I have started reading the made to Crave book I’ve gotten through the first 15 chapters and found out how much I’ve given food the power to control my life but no more I’ve started taking steps to take back my life and I have friends around me who are either doing this with me or supporting me in my fight over this matter I know that God is greater than this block in my way will come tumbling down. I’ve lost 8 lbs since I’ve started I go to the dr’ on tuesday to find out what type of diet plan I need to be eon its hard with having high blood pressure bad thyroid issues and other health issues that she has to check some blood work first then go from there right now I am just watching what I am eating and taking my Byate injection I do twice a day to help with the sugar and other issues I am loving the book and the challenges that are ahead of me thanks Lysa for this amazing book and your honesty in it as well

  14. Just wondering if anyone else is doing this study now. I could use some support getting started with this.

  15. I have to think it over before I put something in my mouth and when it comes from getting help from others man if someone told me that I can’t have something and I know in my heart that she is only looking for my own good I am so bull headed that I would eat it any way I know I need to pray on this LOL…….

  16. I have tried in the past to plan my meals ahead of time, I have at times been able to “think it over.” At times I’ve been able to be strong (with the Lords help), but I always fall back into my same bad habits. I’m definitely not giving up. I will continue to work on this and I hope, with Gods help I will recieve victory. I am 56 yrs old, 5ft 1in and I weigh 180 lbs. I started gaining weight after menapause. This really is like an addiction, very hard to break!

  17. My nutritionist believes in cheating. I know. How weird? But he believes in scheduled cheating on specific days and specific meals. Planning like yesterdays lesson said, but for me this is so dangerous. I equate my having a cheat meal to a shark getting a whiff of blood. I can’t stop once I start. Self-control, when it comes to eating, is my weakness. I am not able to stop once I start, so I like this idea of no cheating and thinking it over! I think it will make me stronger. Praying for strength to think it over.

  18. I have a friend, too, who is helping me along, but we’ve not commited to being totally honest with each other. Really, we’re still on our own paths. Thinking of telling her my weight makes my BP go up!! But yet, I can see where that might be very helpful. Think it over…. I believe I will.

  19. Yes, I’ve found that whatever plan or tool I use to get fitter, healthier, slimmer, one of the key things is “buddying up” with someone or even a couple of people. It’s a real motivator and seems to make sticking to the plan so much easier.

  20. It’s it amazing how grabbing that quick snack can happen without a second thought. But reaching for a veggie stick takes so much effort. In the past I have found myself already halway through something before it even dawns on me that I’m eating something unhealthy. Now God pops into my head before I even reach for that unhealthy snack questioning my intentions. It is hard to reprogram our impulses but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

  21. i say to all those hard temptation it is over, since Christ says ‘it is finish’ by His word it is over.

  22. I have tried to plan ahead with meals. I have now to stop and remember why I need to eat. Am I eating for hunger and can eat something healthy or just eating for relief. I like the song, “Stop in the name of Love”, I am going to try this today. Yesterday I made choices some healthy some not, but at least I started to think about why I was doing what I was doing. Today if I plan ahead maybe I could be eating better. Wonderful blog, just what I needed today.

  23. It is sad to say but I don’t feel I have a close friend that I can be accountable too. I wish I did. There is my sister but she is not a Christian. I need that accountabilety. Some to help keep me on track.My daughter is weaker then me. I am going to pray that God gives me that one friend to come along side of me for support and prayer….

    • I would highly encourage you to pray expectantly to God for a friend. He knows we need them. I was in the same position of desperately needing a friend after we moved and I had 2 toddlers. I thought I was going to go crazy. God not only heard my prayer, He gave my a friendship that has last for almost 22 years now. God is so Good!! Do pray and see what happens.

    • Amy-Beth, good you desire to have an accountability partner. My daughters have been that for me. I text them after WW meetings each week and they care. They contact me if I don’t text them that day. We share recipes and tips; mostly it is encouragement for exercise and being positive. In Lysa’s day 6 devotional, she writes about a friend helping her; I don’t see mention of a Christian friend. God made each of us, and God’s spirit resides in each person, whether we acknowledge that or not. Asking for a little help from a family member can lead to a closer relationship; same thing with asking someone from church, work, neighbor, or a club, who you may not consider a close friend, yet.

  24. WOW!!! Praise God for comuunity! He intriduced my husband and I to Godly communityjust last year!

  25. I am new to Made to Crave devotionals and have ordered the book. I have been working through another online Biblical eating course and need reinforcement as I have made excellent progress in weight loss, but I’m back to craving a snack late at night. So far I am not back slidden but I know if I’m not vigilant I will be in trouble again. What has worked best for me in ending cravings has been to take the scripture that defines gluttony as a sin and been willing to see that I was caught up in that sin. It was when I repented of the sin of gluttony that my cravings ended and I gained control over temptation. Proper proportions of food was never my problem, I even ate healthily. But I was a habitual snacker and had serious problems with craving. These daily devotionals have been what I need to stand stronger. I could not make it without my accountability partner. We have found that not knowing each other before this course has allowed us to be more transparent and honest with each other on how we are doing and when we need extra prayer support.

  26. I love this! I really found this helpful. Being accountable to someone makes a huge difference. My husband and I are working together on healthier eating. It has been great to have someone go through this with me. And I love the saying Friends don’t let friends eat before thinking!

  27. myfitnesspal is an excellent app for tracking progress with a friend!! It so helps keep me on track!

  28. At this point, having a friend help me in my journey back to healthy eating is not yet doable. I just recently moved to a new town 160 miles from where I used to live and don’t have any friends yet. Next month my new church is starting a small group of Made to Crave. I will get new friends then. Until then I will have to lean on the Lord more for my support.

  29. I have a group of ladies that I teach aerobics to at my church. Yesterday, I shared with them my recent struggles with food. We were able to talk about our issues with food and have committed to pray for one another. Like Lysa, the thought of reporting failure to my friends, has stopped me from reaching for that candy bar or piece of cake.

  30. I am struggling with making the good choices- the thinking it over. I am a missionary in a foreign country and am fairly new here. (8 months) my regular eating went out the window when we moved. Alot of not knowing where to get stuff and alot of being totally overwhelmed. I did well back in the states last summer when I had a trainer and had to report in my food log everyweek. I was at my goal weight and had worked very hard and been in my best shape since college basketball. I know people here but not to the depth of being an accountability partner in healthy eating. It is hard and I seem to fall back on “I am so overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do so I make poor eating choices.

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