Day 6: Friends don’t let friends eat before thinking

Thought for the Day: It’s possible to muster up the occasional gumption to avoid the slippery slope of compromising a diet. But more often than not, we need measures of accountability. For me, one of the most effective accountability measures has been mutually tracking progress with a friend.

I love the song by the Supremes that says, “Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart. Think it over.” Who would have thought this classic tune could apply to so much more than a girlfriend warning her wayward beau? Contained within the melody is a powerful statement that applies to many areas of our life: Think it over. I wonder how many bad choices and severe consequences could have been averted if that three-word statement had been applied.

Sometimes we can muster up the gumption to think it over on our own and avoid the slippery slope of compromise. But more often than not, we need measures of accountability. For me, one of the most effective accountability measures has been mutually tracking progress with friends.

For instance, I have a friend who started eating healthy ahead of me, and she’s been an invaluable source of encouragement. She was the first to challenge me, “Lysa, if you do this healthy eating plan, it will work.” I clung to her statement when I had those really hard moments
of temptation.

My friend served as a voice of reason and stability, assuring me that my new lifestyle choices would be worth it and get easier. Plus, I hated the thought of having to admit that I hadn’t persevered when she asked. If she could press through her hard days, then so could I.

Another friend started a healthy eating plan along with me. We both knew it would be hard, so we committed to pray for one another as well as hold each other accountable. Each day, we talked about what we’d be eating. Every week, we reported our weight to one another. We processed each struggle and helped each other battle temptation.

While I cannot expect anyone else to make my decisions for me, it was motivating to know that someone else cared about my struggles. We encouraged each other with this motto, “If it’s not part of our plan, we don’t put it in our mouths.”

I never thought I could leave my old eating habits full of potatoes, white bread, pasta, rice, chips, brownies, and other sugary delights. I didn’t think I’d last a day. But watching my friend’s success and having my other friend willing to sacrifice with me gave my brain the permission to stop — in the name of love — and think it over.


  1. kristen barkdull says

    I know I need to start eating better and exercising. I have this book and cannot wait to start reading it. I too would like an accountability partner if anyone is interested. You can look me up on Facebook. I think planning a time to cheat is okay. Joyce Meyer talks about it. She says she only eats sweets twice a week and she plans it out. If we can just learn self control cheating would not be so bad.

    • Kristen,
      I am just getting into the book and devetional. Would love to keep in touch with you and inspire eachother. I am in Idaho, where are you? Talk to you soon, Alyce Kelley

    • Hey, I would like to have an accountability partner , but I’m afraid they would be too hard on me,, but maybe if I know I would be allowed a cheat,, or a treat, I might make it, I know I’m not doing too well, as of yet. I keep having invites out to eat, trying to pick more healthy choices,, just haven’t got the hang of it yet.. Keep praying!

    • diane jendrek says

      Hello Kristen-
      Self-control is certainly an issue but I am learning God-control. If you plan your treats they are not cheats. Remove negativity connotations.
      Two of my favorite self-talk lines so far are “all things are permissable but not all are beneficial” and “in my weakness He is strong”.

      Using these two thought changers has gotten me through some craving moments as I learn to treat my body as the temple of the Lord’s Spirit he intended it to be.

      I found a saying on FB that I really liked. “You are not a body which has a soul. YOU ARE a soul which happens to have a body.” Isn’t that a great motivator to care for our bodies?

      God bless your journey. Look me up on FB if you want to.


    • Hello Kristen- Do not think of those days you allow a sweet treat as cheating rather as a reward for doing good on all the other days. The hard part (at least for me) might be limiting the serving size. Try not to get caught up in the trap of, Oh I cheated so might as well give up. Rather we must think Okay, I messed up but I am going to get right back at it! Best of luck in your endeavor. You can friend me on fb (Darlene Kilbury).

    • Ladies, dear Sisters, it is January 13,2013 and for me day 7 on my action plan. I have committed to Made to Crave 21 Day Challenge. I have to remind myself daily that I must surrender (day 1), and be willing to allow His mighty love and power to be my strength. Also I am reminded that we fight our battles already knowing the war is won. The Victory lies in Him and His promises, His faithfulness and on and on. Praying for each one as I read your comments. Please continue to encourage me through your comments!

  2. Melissa Brown says

    I LOVE THAT…”If its not part of our plan, don’t put it in our mouths.” I think for many of us we just need to get down and dirty. We need to stick through the hard days and dont give up. We need to know we will suffer on days, but in the end WE WILL CONQUER. We might lost battles here are there, but we can WIN THE WAR! COME ON LADIES! LETS WIN THIS WAR! LETS DO THIS! Find me on Facebook “Melissa Anne Brown” -Ohio if you want an accountabilitiy partner! I am around 24 years out and I have about 80 pounds to lose. Lets get together and DO THIS!

  3. Shelly Leger says

    Needed to do this. Just got a new bright lime green journal and actually wrote my 40 day committment of no sugar, junk food or anything to excess. Wrote it in the form of a covenant with God and had my younger, like minded office friend to sign with me as a witness. This gives me a spiritual starting place. It’s not “just food” anymore when you make your promise to God. I know how to set myself up for success in this with prior planning and appropriate foods nearby. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I felt it was right for me. Our women’s bible study at church it studying pursuing holiness so support is coming in a variety of ways. Blessings to anyone on this challenge.

  4. Ashley Williams says

    I think that getting into the mindset that it is not cheating helps. The word “cheating” often is referring to a time when we feel like we are breaking the rules and being “bad.” It is a mindset that we need to change in order to fully embrace a healthy lifestyle. For decades, we diet and stop, diet and stop. We need to break the diet cycle and embrace lifestyle change. Healthy lifestyle includes “cheating” but, as you said before, plan for it. So, then, you are not actually cheating. You are learning to make conscious decisions to live a healthy lifestyle that will include times for you to eat something that is a “treat” rather than a “cheat.” I am not saying it is wrong to say, “cheat.” Sometimes, I feel like if I am “cheating” then I am tempted to “cheat” more deeply than if it is a planned “treat.” Keep fighting daily. God bless.

  5. Hi. I’m just starting out and would love an accountability partner. Just finished reading chapter two and so far I feel like this book was written for me. I’ve experienced God’s amazing grace in times of great struggle but am only now realizing I’ve not sought him in my life long struggle with food. I want to be in closer relationship with God and I wanttobuild that bridge to him all the while tearing down my tower of food! With all the Halloween candy around, I see the force of my cravings for food and it makes me sad but determined to break the cycle. I know in doing so I will also bring my family closer to God.

    I’m 41, at my highest of 218, and a working mom.

    My email is [email protected]


  6. Hi everyone,
    Webster’s dictionary defines cheat as a fraud, swindle, deception, to fool, to beguile, to behave dishonestly or unfaithfully. Synonyms for cheat are ; defraud,swindle,trick, dupe, and Hiax. In Genesis 31:7 Jacob states that Laban cheated him 7 times. I can remember the ways I cheated in the past.: Eating in the pantry with the door closed, grabbing from the refrigerator hoping my husband eoukd’t hear or see me, buying a whole Chechen and sitting down at home to eat the whole thing when no one was home. All this cheating I did, knowing thatGid saw it all and that I am responsible for the cheating totally. I can’t blame the devil because If I had used the power of the Holy Spirit in me and the name of Jesus to help me I could have conquered the devil in His strength . I chose not to do that, I lied to myself and sinned since God has been telling me for 45 of my 71 years to lose the weight which hampers my health and the plans He has for me. After reading the book, I am on day six of the devotional and have lost 3 lbs.. I am now at 170 . Sisters in Christ , I wish to be accountable to all of you and my God . Now is when I am at a crossroad because I have not been able to ever get to 169 and below. All of your daily comments help me so much and I feel so connected in the Spurit with all of you. Jesus lives us so and has brought us together for His glory and our welfare. Thanks be to God.

  7. Please correct my spelling/ typing mistakes on my 11-19-12 comment if you plan to use it. I neglected to proofread it. Thank you. Rita

  8. Jeannie Guajardo says

    I too would love accountability partners! It is especially hard and tempting around the holidays. I baked cookies yesterday, which I typically do for friends & family at Christmas, and I don’t even know how many I “tasted” along the way… Totally without thinking! I have recently lost 20 lbs through exercise and changing my eating habits, but it’s hard as a mother to always keep up my routine. Kids get sick, I get busy, I miss a workout…then another workout…I resort to convenience foods… You know how it goes. I commit to praying for all of you as we go on this journey together. I’m on Facebook as well: Jeannie Stark Guajardo

  9. Maria E Taronji says

    I am studying this book at church. Its good to know the matter of the heart. So far this is the best book abput dieting that i am reading. My action guide arrived yesterday. I love the way Liza talks about this problem and teaches us analizing and comparing the bible. She focus us in the most important areas about the problem and make an action plan of how to resolve it. She goes to the root of the problem. I wish i have a friend to relay on each other and do this together it would be easier. May the Lord oen your heart and mind to his knowledge and understanding of his word and give all of you the strenght to move foward.

  10. I noticed there haven’t been any posts since September of last year. I just began my journey less than a month ago and am reading the book and trying to follow Gods principles in this life changing experience . I’m doing ok, so far, but I have far to go, very far.I will need some prayer and encouragement to lose all the weight I need to lose to be healthy. God is faithful to those who trust in Him and are obedient to His purpose in my life. This isn’t just a physical change,it’s Spiritual as well and boy could I use that! Discipline in all areas of my life. Thanks for listening.

  11. Is anyone out there still doing this challenge? Let me know

  12. I would love to get an accountability group going. Are any of you still looking for accoutability partners? I have been reading Made To Crave and also just finished You Are Not What You Weigh by Lisa Bevere. Both have been very eye-opening and I look forward to growing spiritually with the help and support of others. I am determined that food will no longer be my idol!!

  13. I am enjoying this study. Lysa hit the nail on the head when she found out for herself that we NEED accountability partners…this is so true.. i am leaning on Job 36:16 after much thought.. the fact that Christ is wooing ME… to a SPACIOUS place. where i am NOT RESTRICTED, and my comfortable table is FULL OF CHOICE FOOD… and the food is HIM… I WANT MORE…MORE .. MORE.. TAKE THIS WORLD AND GIVE ME JESUS… THIS IS NOT WHERE I BELONG… i belong where He desires me be.. and i want that free, restriction free, and spacious place.. its mine.. and more than that cookie, cigarette, or cell phone, I WANT IT… LOL love you ladies… God bless..

  14. I just got my book today. I am in the first chapter and I am so convicted and so excited. Everything makes sense to me. Thank you for writing this book and I will stay in touch with all of you. God bless you.

  15. Anybody up for accountability partners lets do this

  16. Would love an accountability partner. Anyone else interested?

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