Day 8: I’ll start again on Monday

Thought for the Day: “Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my sighing. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you with expectation.” (Psalm 5:1 – 3)

“I’ll start again on Monday” are the ill-fated words that I’m certain have passed through every woman’s mind since the beginning of time. Whether it’s an excuse regarding our diet, exercise, temper, or devotional time, this phrase cycles through our lives on a regular basis. Or, is it just me?

For example, on a Saturday morning, I head down to my kitchen vowing to do better, eat healthier, and make good choices, only to have my resolve melt like the icing on the cinnamon rolls my daughter pulls from the oven. So I conclude the weekend is the worst time to begin eating healthier and tell myself, “I’ll start again on Monday.”

However, I find myself nagged by the subtle feeling of defeat, disappointment, and frustration. This crushing cycle of powerlessness that I’ve come to hate continues. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wander around on a fruitless path unable to enter into the abundant life God has for me.

Today I challenge you to start a new cycle of making God your focus, rather than food. Each time you crave something you know isn’t part of your plan, use that craving as a prompting to pray. I crave a lot. So I’ve found myself praying a lot. Potato chips and brownies now prompt me to pray! God gave us the gift of prayer to turn our times of desperation into relationship opportunities with Him. This cycle is far more promising than distancing ourselves from His goodness with our own sense of self-loathing and defeat.

For example, when we make God our focus, we can wake up in the morning and say “God, I want a biscuit this morning. Instead, I’m eating poached eggs. I’m thankful for these eggs, but I’ll be honest in saying my cravings for other things are hard to resist. But instead of wallowing in what I can’t have, I’m making the choice to celebrate what I can have.”

What better way to live than fully in today rather than always looking to start over on Mondays!


  1. Pete McLarty says

    I can not count the times I said I would start again, I have been on diets my whole life. One thing I have learned is that Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is gone all we have is today this moment and we can only stop that first bite. Made to Crave is not a diet program it is a relationship program and that is what I have been missing all the other times in my life. I want a relationship with my Lord. I want to think of Him and not food all day. It is still hard sometimes but my Lord is always there and when I ask β€œis this beneficial to my body or to God” before I eat, it does help.

  2. Starting again on Monday used to be a weekly thing for me but I can’t say I sing that tune any more. Its more like I’ll start again tomorrow……………but I thank the Lord that I’m having even less and less of those days. It may scare some of you but I have been on this weight loss journey for over 40 years and most of the time I’m content that it is for life. I’m learning too that I can start over……not on Monday or even the next day……..but I can start over right now…….no matter how bad I have just blown it. I allow myself to do a little damage control without getting extreme….e.g. tea and lettuce for the next 2 days. Since it is about healthy eating for life, the number this week is not as crucial as the plan. My encouragement to all of you is to adopt this rule as the first and last rule of weight loss…………………..NEVER GIVE UP! We can do this by God’s grace and power as it says in the scriptures…..if we faint not! Have a God-blessed day everyone!

  3. OOPS! When I said tea and lettuce for the next 2 days…………..that isn’t the kind of damage control I DO……..that’s the kind I DON’T DO! Just thought I would clarify that! πŸ™‚

  4. elisabetta says

    What an opportunity to participate in the sufferings of Christ! And to offer our prayers, works, joys and sufferings into His hands to use for whatever He wills! The longer I am a Christian, the longer I see that suffering leads to that abundant life. Something about a grain of wheat falling to the ground and being crushed! Blessings,
    Colossians 1:24.

  5. My struggle is with night time eating. While I’m in the midst of my eating frenzy ritual….I think, ‘this is the last time’.
    I am so tired of waking up with an overwhelming sense of self-loathing. I know I must behave differently to yeild
    different results in the mornings. Knowing what to do and not doing it…isn’t that insanity?
    Oh God! Please rescue me from this prison of self. I need YOU to fill my empty places. Give me strength to say, “No!” to
    godlessness and worldly passions.
    Please let tonight be different. May I awake afresh in Your tender mercies…not in disgust of myself.
    Holy Spirit prompt me to choose Your way…and not be a stupid sheep going astray.
    “Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me….break me, melt me, mold me, fill me….Spirit of the Living God, falll fresh on me”

    • Donna, I’ve prayed for you. I so understand this struggle. I pray God will give you the grace to make good choices that can only come from Him. Thank you for your transparency.

    • Jennifer Y. says

      This sounds like everyday for me. I know your struggle all to well. Thank you for being so honest and open. I will be praying that same prayer today for myself and the whole Made to Crave community.

    • Oh Donna, you sound just like me! Every night for years I’d make myself a snack, park in front of the TV, and eat. And then I’d go to the fridge four or five more times to get another snack; it would end up being snack after snack after snack. And in the morning I would wake up feeling physically unwell and spiritually empty and ashamed. I also find that when I binge late at night, I wake up feeling hungry in the mornings…like my stomach expects to be THAT full all the time or something. UGH! My days were better, because I have work and other things to keep me busy, but I still found myself obsessing about food all the time. It is bondage.

      I did the Atkins diet years ago, and I lose about 45 pounds. I am convinced that anyone can lose weight if they adhere to a strict scientific diet that takes away all the foods that cause physical cravings. But when I didn’t face the real spiritual issues that caused me to overeat, it only took one piece of pie or one piece of bread before I was off track and eventually up to the heaviest weight I’ve ever been (except for when I was pregnant). The answer is not about a physical diet. It’s about a spiritual diet.

      I started attending a 12-step study at church, and I still binged after that. I wondered what is wrong with me! Each time I would pray for God to help me, and it would occur to me that I MUST stay in prayer and His Word. I MUST fully surrender. For me, this means turning off the lights, setting the alarm, and getting into bed with the Word of God every night. I don’t even go near the kitchen.

      With more prayer it occurred to me that perhaps I should give up caffeine. So I gave that up, and the cravings reduced significantly. Praise YOU, Jesus…for mercy and deliverance. But I have to remember that not eating something doesn’t free me. Let me not THINK I stand, lest I fall again…like so many times before.

      Last night I ate a small “snack” before I went to bed. By God’s grace ONLY I was able to get into bed immediately after and not binge again…but even that is skirting the line. I really need to eat enough during meals and go to bed early!!! No snacking! I woke up this morning feeling hungry, and then wouldn’t you know it – someone brought breakfast burritos to work this morning! Very tempting. I decided to have one, and thank God for providing, but now I need to get into the word and pray about this being only a blessing – a free breakfast – and not an obsession, or a step that will lead to thoughts like, “Well it’s Friday. I’ve already eaten a burrito, so I’ll just take this weekend off and start again on Monday.” NO!

      So, it’s now been only 5 days since I gave up caffeine and haven’t had a full on binge. And that’s a very short time…but I pray for God to multiply those days. And I am thankful for this journey.

      So anyway, this is my journey too…so just wanted to share a bit of myself with you and let you know that I have the same issue. I’ll keep you in prayer.

      • Toni – I don’t know if you will still read this (and Donna, also – and I guess many more πŸ˜‰ – I found out lately (and only afterwards I found the book Made to Crave and this website) that it is not only the spiritual fillings we need – as much as that is the absolute necessity. BUT – and I cannot stop praising our God for His healing and simply perfect creation – it ALSO really is what we fill our bodies with. Has anyone heard of the book “Eat to Live”? There are many other concepts like that by now – but what I find so remarkable: God made fresh food – PERFECT for our bodies. It’s like a physical picture for our souls – HIS word is the PERFECT food for our souls. And just like we are spiritually undernourished – so we are totally undernourished physically. If we start literally loading our bodies with nutrients thru fresh fruits, vegetables, beans/legumes and a few nuts and seeds – our body actually STOPS craving the bad stuff. It’s especially the fresh veggies, the leafy greens, that I never gave enough attention. Now I find myself and hear it from sooo many others: God heals addictions thru HIS nutrient dense food. There also is this awesome documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” – where a guy goes and starts healing his body thru God’s food in form of mostly veggie juices. The body goes back to what God had always intended them to be – healthier in many ways, free from addictions and slowly but surely going to the normal weight it needs. So I’m deeply impressed – God actually gives us medicine thru his food and restores our body – just like His word restores our souls.
        Just felt compelled to share this – my journey back to health and to a normal weight is far from over, but with God’s word to strengthen my heart and His food to strengthen my body SO MUCH has changed already – I hope and pray for all of us that we can experience the total freedom that He promises us πŸ™‚
        God bless, Carmen

    • Debbie rempel says

      Just want you to know that I struggle with night eating as well! It is nice to know I am not alone. Thanks for sharing! Lets pray for each other. Keep in touch.

    • Donna,
      I feel your pain. I am a recovering bulimic and binge eating is still a habit I succumb to now and then and it’s usually in the evening and most often, when no one’s around. I’ve come to realize that God is watching and He’s looking down just waiting for me to turn to Him instead. He’ll be there. I pray every day for grace from God to help me through my battles and I’ve got to remember to pray for others. I know I’m not alone. Let me tell you, there are times I’m able to get through my night without giving in to the temptations and supposed “comforts” of the food and when I wake the next day, I feel as if I am in Heaven!!

  6. Hi there all my sisters in our Lord! Keep-up the
    God work, and you will be there before you know
    It. It’s one day at a time, and one step at a time.
    So be blessed, praying for you all, your sis, in His
    Arms, april b.

  7. Thank the Lord for a place of grace and not giving up. Just finished a swim after 3 weeks of little exercise and a wonderful breakfast of chia pudding. Working on lots of fiber today. And I have a longing in my heart to have Him on my mind all this day, instead of food.

    Empowered by His grace. Blessings!

  8. I love this!

  9. Monday never comes….so… Today is the day!!!! His strength is the same today as it will be on Monday, even if mine is feeling faint!!

  10. hey guys! My name is Erin wonser and I am on day 8 of the Made to crave challenge. I have been reading everyone’s posts and wanted to say to eeryone is trying this congrats. I also wanted to say that I need an accountability partner. I am 29 years old and ready to start my journey of not just being not overweight but also a reconnection to God. It is very hard for me to lose weight when my husband who is very skinny can eat whatever he wants and brings junkfood into the house. So I am on Facebook if yall need a partner. I will be praying for all you as well. My Face book is [email protected].

  11. diane jendrek says

    Staying in the moment is a lesson I keep reviewing. Why did Esau think he was going to die if he didn’t have that stew right NOW? Just like that sometimes I think I am going to waste away if I don’t have the food I am craving. And just like Esau I am filled with remorse after the fact. Then taking the other side, how do I pretend to be Jacob and try to get my Father’s blessing by deception.

    My relationship to my heavenly Father should be the most important thing in my life. Would I dare try to deceive God who knows my heart and everything about me? Being the lavishly loved daughter of the most high God is something to be treasured. And knowing that He will do and has done everything in his power to keep me safe should be enough to get me through any petty food craving.


  12. I start over with the next snack or meal. Most of the time. Since I eat when I’m tired a lot I’ve started saying “he gives strength to the weary.”. The other quote that helps is “I do not need to eat just because I feel Anxious. I put my trust in God. When I am anxious and tempted to turn to food, I am comforted by these words ‘fear not do not be dismayed. I am your God, I will help you. I with uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

  13. Desperate to be free! says

    Ive always struggled with my weight and my health. Third grade i noticed i was FAT. And ever since then has been a battle of trying every diet and diet miracle out there…….guilt………shame…..failure……lose it and feel awesome……gain it back and absolutely discusted with myself. As a teenager i suffered with bullemia. God delivered me of that. Praise the lord. But i have continued my life as an emotional binge eater. It is my comfort!
    I lost all my weight and got down to 127 lbs. about 6 years ago. Felt amazing! Was healthy and active and confident and actually felt beautiful. Then hell broke loose in my family. My oldest son got involved in drugs at 14 and it has been so hard and heartbreaking. We started our own business that failed. We had to file bankruptcy. Were on the edge of losing our home. My marriage is barely hanging on due to all this stress. Ive become depressed and dealt wt everything with food and pulling the covers over my head. Now ive gained all the weight back plus more plus i am suffering with some health issues
    I have a very deep and real and personal relationship with my best friend Jesus. And without him i know i couldnt make it through any of this! I am on a journey of coming out of this pit! The devil has tried to destroy me but God has a bigger plan for me and my family and today is the first day of my FREEDOM! Because who the son (jesus) sets free is free indeed!
    As i read everyones post i ask the Lird to set each of you free as well. This overeating, binging, emotional eating, weight struggle is as much as an adiction problem as a drug or alcohol is. The enemy finds our weakest points and attacks hard. But God is our strength aNd refuge and through him we can all conquer this thing and be deivered from this bondage and truly set free!

  14. You ladies are amazing! This is one of the last strongholds that the Lord has had me working on. I am learning to recognize ‘my’ triggers and say, “No, I only eat when I’m hungry.” It works some of the time. I like how you suggest we should pray. Worship or singing to the Lord would help me too.
    My new favorite verse is, “I would much rather suffer in my flesh than disappoint my God.” (ref. 1Pet. 4:1)

    Lots to learn!
    Thanks for sharing! We’ll get there.

  15. I am starting today in Made to Crave. Ironically, it is a Monday. LOL!! I am going to order the book and start on a relationship with the Lord journey, not a diet journey.

  16. I’m so excited to have found your book and study! I have lost 100 and kept it off and love encouraging and empowering single women to move toward a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually.
    I just finished teaching through another book this summer in my first class at church. 5 women lost a total of 47.5 pd and one stopped smoking! Glory to God! There were so many tears and breakthroughs – they wanted to continue holding class together so now I’ll be starting Made To Crave tonight.
    I have 9 women excited about making changes.
    Here is how I am promoting the class…
    What this class is not…
    It is not about SKINNY!
    This class will address the root cause of why we turn to food. We will pray together and share and let God heal those places in us that we hide behind with eating and therefore the weight problem.

    Each week we will share the Word, our struggles and successes, ideas and inspirations.
    We will learn how to fuel our bodies with good food.
    You’ll have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes and shopping classes and workout sessions.
    And yes, we’ll have exercises that you can do at home and will learn proper techniques.
    So join us on a journey to healthy living while having fun together!

    This session we will be working through the book “Made to Crave”.

    Through the grace of God and healthy lifestyle changes, I have lost 100 pounds. I’m not perfect and not perfectly fit. I am someone who has been there and understands the battles
    – emotional – I’ve been through relationship heartaches of divorce and death.
    – mental – I’ve survived depression and the suicidal tendencies involved.
    – physical – I’ve had both knees replaced and a complete hysterectomy.
    And I am excited to share my success with YOU!!

  17. A friend in a 12 Step program helped me with the “I’ll start tomorrow, or Monday or whenever” when by saying he tells himself “I can salvage the day right now”; not wait until tomorrow etc. So God and I can salvage the day right now!! I have just started reading these made to crave reflections and I am feeling such a feeling of “right”. Being on the right track to spiritual growth. Thank you all for your words of wisdom.

  18. Mary Gerrity says

    I love this! When I fast, every time the urge for food hits, I pray…why not use the same technoque when the urge for WRONG food hits? I CAN DO THIS!! And then I can celebrate the things I can have! Thanks for the new way of thinking!

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