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Download the Introduction to Made to Crave here. (PDF)

Promotional Resources

We have developed some materials to help you promote your Made to Crave group.

Made to Crave 4×6 postcard (PDF)

Made to Crave 5.5×8.5 bulletin (PDF)

Made to Crave 8.5×14 poster (PDF)

Made to Crave PowerPoint image (JPG)

Made to Crave Action Plan 4×6 Postcard (PDF)

Made to Crave Action Plan 4×6 Postcard 2-up (PDF)

Made to Crave Action Plan 5.5×8.5 Bulletin (PDF)

Made to Crave Action Plan 5.5×8.5 Bulletin 2-up (PDF)

Made to Crave Action Plan 8.5×14 Poster (PDF)

Made to Crave Action Plan image for PowerPoint (JPG)

A Gift Just for You

Get this free colorful magnet to keep you inspired and on track. The only charge is for shipping and handling. Magnet size is 2″ x 3″.

Click here purchase your magnets.

Free Fridge Signs

If you are going through the Made to Crave study using the teaching DVD, these are the signs I talk about at the beginning of each week. If you are leading this study, be sure to print this week’s sign for each member of your group. It will be a fun little gift to hand out a different sign each week that they can hang on their fridge at home. These one word signs will be a terrific reminder and motivator between sessions. Of course, you’ll want to get the magnets described above to make this even more fun!

Fridge Sign Week 1 (pdf)

Fridge Sign Week 2 (pdf)

Fridge Sign Week 3 (pdf)

Fridge Sign Week 4 (pdf)

Fridge Sign Week 5 (pdf)

Fridge Sign Week 6 (pdf)

Printable Articles

Healthy Eating Go-To Scripts (pdf)


A Call to Action

When the End Goal Seems too Hard


Nothing Tastes as Good as Peace Feels

All of God’s Girls Have Issues

Chasing Love

weak places Strong Places

The Verse that Made Me Cringe

How Can God Bring Good from This?

Space for Grace

Printable Articles

21 Day Challenge in Spanish (PDF)


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