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Made to Crave may possibly be the most important book I’ve ever read on the matter of weight . . . and I’ve read A LOT! The world will never be at a loss for authors telling us what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, or how to exercise. Yet with all of this knowledge we are unhealthier than ever. Something is missing. And Lysa has tapped into the mystery that has plagued so many of us who battle with the bulge. If you are tired of the endless diet cycle, read Made to Crave. It will change your mind and then it will change your life. — Mandisa, American Idol Finalist and Award Winning Christian Artist
kathykI am a living testimony to early detection and weight loss with the Made to Crave book and devotional by Lysa TerKeurst, plus sensible eating. Since mid-February I have lost 25+ lbs! I went for my annual mammogram on July 31. I was called back for a closer view on August 2. This showed micro calcifications that were questionable, and a biopsy was recommended. A surgeon performed the biopsy on September 3. I had been told that 90+% of these are benign, but I’ve always prided myself on being “you-nique” and different. This time was no exception, and I heard the word “cancer” (DCIS). On September 30, I had a lumpectomy, and margins were clear, so I am beginning 28 radiation treatments today. The cancer was SO small, my oncologist told me that had I not “gotten rid of” the weight I had, there is a strong possibility it would not have been detected. I am praising God and thankful for the truths and words that spoke to me through Made to Crave. — Kathy K.
Like you say Lysa, “it’s a spiritual journey with physical benefits!” And oh what a journey it has been. for many years I prayed for God to deliver me from my infatuation with food. What God gave me instead was invitation to walk with Him on this journey. Along the way, God has revealed Himself to me as my Refuge, my Healer, my Provider and my Sustainer. I have grown to know Him in a deeper, more intimate way. That was His gift to me. The side benefit was that I lost 90 pounds along the way. I have maintained that weight loss for almost 2 years now. It is also my privilege to lead a Restoration Group at my church for other ladies who struggle as I have struggled. What a privilege it is to walk with these women as fellow sojourners! To God be the glory! — Christine B.
I have battled the weight demons all my life. When I started this book, it was like reading my entire life day by day! When all else failed, this book has not. It has helped me realize that I am not alone and that with the Lord’s help I will win this battle!

I pray a lot! As Lysa says in the beginning of the book, pray when you want to eat, and I sure do! Thank you Lysa for writing Made to Crave! — Laura M

I am so thankful for your book Lysa. I read through the book with an awesome group of woman at church. We started the book in September and the concepts have helped me lose 33 pounds so far. I had been trying for years to lose unsuccessfully. Lysa’s book completely changed my focus. She has helped me tie my weight lose to my obedience to the Lord. I am not loosing weight for me, but for God. Not because He won’t love me if I don’t, but because He DOES love me and desires His best for me. It is so freeing!! I am so glad the Lord is using you folks to reach so many. The witness is incredible because people know I have tired to lose weight before and now I can give all the glory to God!! Amen! — Kathy F.
Lysa, there are NO words out there that can express my gratitude for your book Made to Crave! It was a year ago December 27th that I was sitting at home on my computer and was reading some articles on Focus on the Family and just happened to see your book flash in one of the corners. I didn’t know at that time that I was looking for a change, weighing in at 335 pounds and giving up years ago on trying, just pointing the finger at my hereditary background and thinking I would never see the “old” me again. I did some research and express-shipped your book to me. The day I turned to Page 1 was the first day of the rest of my life. January 1, 2011 began a new journey called Made to Crave. Since that day, I have lost 113 pounds, 5 pant sizes and have found my smile again that was hidden in that number on the scale. I feel like myself again and can’t quit smiling. God walked by me each and everyday, I have now read the book 3 times and am going to read it for the 4th, it never gets old. Thank you, thank you, thank you! — Melissa B.
After having lost 60 pounds through exercise and changes in diet, I knew I still had not conquered my addiction to food and I privately feared that I would gain the weight back. Despite my physical success, I still fell prey to desires for the sugary treats and unhealthy meals. During a session at a health conference at my church, the speaker (Dr. Celeste Owens) mentioned the book several times as well as the profound impact it had on her life. As I sat through the session with tears falling, I knew I had to read this book. About two pages into the intro, I knew that this book was going to help me identify the piece I had missed through the years – spiritual malnutrition. I can’t thank God enough for the book and for Lysa. Made to Crave has changed my life. I’m now down 75 pounds, with a goal to take off a total of 120 pounds. I know that each choice I make determines my victory or defeat. I tell everyone about this book. Even my trainer (a male) is reading it! — Vanessa T.
Our church held a Made to Crave study last summer, and in leading the study, I finally found the “want to” I have lacked all of these years for losing weight and getting healthy. Since the last week of July, I have lost 36 pounds and am continuing to lose (I have a lot to lose!), and I have not even considered turning back to my old ways of eating. I realized that, as a pastor, if I am to be an example for others in my Christian walk, the way I cared for a body should also be an example. I was beginning to feel like my weight was hindering my witness. Made to Crave helped me make the connection between my faith and my unhealthy love for food, and now the way I care for my body is a part of my witness daily!
— Ginger I.
Just wanted to share that after reading Made to Crave, and learning to crave God instead of food, I have lost 53 pounds since January 10th — and have now been able to go completely off of my Blood Pressure medication! Reading MTC has been a great benefit in restoring/rebuilding both my physical and spiritual health. — Marjorie G.
I’m just starting my journey so I haven’t lost much…yet. Made to Crave was suggested by a friend and I just finished reading it today. I feel like I’ve been walking a tightrope most of my life. In the last year or so I had fallen off the tightrope and had no desire to even try getting back on. I made a decision this summer to really make a change. Your writing made me feel like I was back on that tightrope, but with you next to me. Now that I’ve finished the book, I’m on the tightrope, but not alone. I have the Holy Spirit guiding each step, the Word as my balancing pole, and God’s wonderful, loving, merciful hand below me as my safety net. I may stumble, but I’m not falling off this time! I’m on it and continuing my journey to the other side where there will be a healthier me. Healthier spiritually, mentally, and physically. Thank you, Lysa, for allowing God to use you and for sharing your journey with so many who are in this journey as well. — Diane T.
I am so thankful that God used Lysa to deliver His message! I had been looking in all the wrong places for longevity in weight loss. I knew it was time to look up. I knew I was going to have to go to scripture and develop my own program based on Gods principals. But when was I going to find the time. My husband called me and said “I think I have just heard about what you are looking for. Go to KLove and look at a book called Made To Crave. Looking at God’s word through this book has changed me. Since January I have lost 40 lbs. I still have 25 more to go and am full steam ahead. I am leading the Made to Crave study with passion to whomever will listen! — Melissa R.
I’ve lost 33 pounds and am getting ready to run my second 5K race! Thank you Lysa for this study! This has been life changing for me! Realizing that not only does God care about this struggle in my life, but knowing that His grace is sufficient for me has changed the way I look at my issues with food! From the curse of the skinny jeans, to being reminded that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenth to knowing that I was made for more than this, has been monumental! A few ladies and I met together in January to study this book, next week we are starting another group to go through it again! — Brenna B.
This book has been such a God-send to me! It has started me on a journey that was much more than I’d ever expected. I’ve become an avid reader now and have grown to crave God spiritually while taking care what He has trusted me with physically. I’ve recommended it to so many and plan to continue to do so! I’ve lost 14 lbs. so far as I was jump started by the flu. I’ve learned that I can pray about everything, even making healthy food choices! — Rachelle T.
I have been walking around the mountain too long and it was time to go North! Since the fifth grade, my weight gradually increased and increased. I have lost weight in two significant times in my life, but could never keep it off. Food was how I comforted myself, got revenge on other people, made me happy, kept me company when I was sad or lonely and subsequently ruined my outlook on life. God has shown me so much through Made To Crave and His word about food and what it should and shouldn’t mean to me. If you are using food for anything other than nutrition, you need to read this book! Thank you, Lysa, for being real and helping me hold a mirror to my face to show me what I was really Made to Crave! — Jennifer S.
I have tried “dieting” so many times and just put it back on each time. Your book is a HUGE resource for me. This time so many different and helpful thoughts are available to me and with God (as always!) it seems easier this time. Not to say I don’t want to eat my arm off at times, but I can now tell the difference between being hungry and just wanting to eat because I have had a bad day. And now I’m not losing weight for me or how I look but because God gave me this temple and I need to keep it healthy. Lysa — thank you for your book. It is informational, inspirational and downright funny! Our small bible study group did it for a study. We read 3 chapters each week. Now we are onto another study but still go over your book 1 chapter a week. It is a book that I know we can (and need to) read over and over again. — Sharon V.
I read the book and have lost 19 lbs. Next tuesday I am starting the bible study with a group of ladies in my church. I am excited to see what God is going to do. Thank you Lysa for sharing! — Debbie
I do not have words to express my gratitude to you for this Program. I was dieting when I found Made to Crave, but was just stuck! I couldn’t seem to loose anymore. Because of 2 High-risk pregnancies, lack of diet and exercise, and poor self-esteem I had packed on about 85 pounds in my 9 year marriage. “Desperate for help” doesn’t even cover the way I felt about myself. Along with about 10 other Ladies from my Church, this Bible Study has opened new doors in my life. I have completed it more than once, and look to God’s word to help me along my way. After 9 months of dedication and prayer (along with diet, and exercise), I have learned “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” I have lost a total of 75.4 lbs and want to loose an additional 12 more. I have shared my success with your book to so many others in my community, and in a small town where we all know each other, I recommend this study daily! My Love for God has replaces my love for food!! I am a Jesus Girl and I am so proud to share it!! — Tara M.
I have been overweight literally since I was little. I don’t remember the last time I weighed less than 200 pounds…but I do remember weighing 222 when I graduated from high school. I’ve been on every diet imaginable since high school. I’ve suffered from horrible self-esteem (really more like self-hate) because of my weight for years. It wasn’t until being introduced to Made to Crave that I ever considered this being a spiritual issue. Well, since last fall, I have lost 36 pounds (on my way to a total of 100 lost). I’m also training to run a 10K with my husband in May (I have NEVER been a runner). God is doing an amazing work in my head and heart and I owe it all to Lysa’s book! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Lysa! I plan to be under 200 again by my 40th birthday at the end of September. This is an amazing journey God and I are on and Made to Crave is what started it all.  

UPDATE as of January 2012: I wanted to update my MTC success story. I’m now 62 pounds lost…with 38 to go for my goal weight. For the first time in my life I actually believe I’m going to reach my goal of being in the “healthy weight range” for my height! I trained for and finished my first 10K last May with my husband. Bless his heart, he slowed down just so we could run together and have pictures of us crossing the finish line holding hands. I ran a very slow race (about 85 minutes)…but did it without having to stop and walk (a huge accomplishment for this brand new runner)! My training goal this year is to blow my finish time from last year out of the water. I’m hoping to run closer to a 10-minute mile this time! I’m continually amazed and excited by the places God has taken me since being introduced to Made to Crave in August of 2010. 

I’m experiencing freedom in my thought life that I never imagined possible! MTC has truly been the answer to my “weight loss head stuff.” I’ve hosted two MTC Bible studies in my home with friends. I just can’t thank Lysa enough for writing this book and for allowing me to be part of the DVD studio audience! I’ll forever be singing the praises of “Made to Crave”!  God has brought me a LONG way ~ both mentally & physically. Just had to share my progress. I’m excited to cross the finish line of my weight loss journey this year! I’ll let you know when I do.  — Jennifer M.

Made to Crave has been one of the most valuable books I have every read. I finished it the day after I got it, and I have gone back nearly every day
since then to reread chapters, paragraphs and prayers. I know it sounds cliche, but it has been nourishment for my starving soul. 

I have spent about half of my life struggling with eating *problems*, stuck in a constant cycle of binging, weight gain, self-starvation and then weight loss over, and over, and over again over the course of AT LEAST the last 17 years. It’s a painful struggle. And in the end left me with nothing but guilt, self-loathing and and unsatisfied craving for *something*.

2 years ago our pastor preached a sermon on gluttony and food and it was the very beginning of my healing process…for the first time EVER I saw overeating for what it was, and temptation for what it really was. It was such an eye-opening experience to understand that my struggle wasn’t about the FOOD. And my weakness wasn’t about a lack of willpower. It had never before occurred to me that something was waging war against my soul. But even then I relied so heavily on my own strength that I inevitably lapsed and gave in to my food cravings… and all of the mental scripts involving guilt and shame returned as well, which only perpetuated the problem.

Then, in March, I “happened” across Made to Crave when my cousin “Liked” it on her Facebook page. It opened my eyes even further, and for the first time I realized that God MADE me to crave… He made me to crave HIM, not the things of this world. And I would never be satisfied trying to fill my life (or my belly) with things of this world. I also realized that I could not change my habits or my life while depending on my own strength.

It’s a daily process for me. I wake up every morning and realize that I have a choice to honor God with my body that day… or not. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive (1 Corinthians 10:23). I felt lead to give up foods that would trigger my unhealthy behaviors, so I gave up sugar… not just the white, sweet stuff… I gave up rice, flour, potatoes, pasta and (for now) grains. I eat mostly “lean and green” foods and I have been trying to run at least 10 miles a week. I have noticed so many physical and emotional differences in my body since making those changes, as my blood sugar isn’t all over the map anymore! I have also noticed HUGE spiritual changes as well, as I have learned to depend on GOD when I feel weak. And He continues to answer my prayers when I ask for His help and strength and discipline.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 helps keep me focused and is also my favorite verse to meditate on right now…. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. …wow… That has TOTALLY changed my perspective on so many things, and rather than seeing myself as a victim of a not-so-fast metabolism, or the victim of an eating disorder, or someone who has failed at yet another weight-loss attempt, I see myself as a child of God; a forgiven, accepted, victorious and LOVED child of God!

I am so grateful that God lead me to pick up your book. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life! — Renee

Never before have I been able to effectively tackle and control my weight since finding MADE TO CRAVE. I began the book during the lenten season and was able to incorporate the spiritual value of actually controlling my intake and my weight while maintaining a reasonable exercise plan. Success is a reality when God is a part of it. Lysa you are amazing and I continue to pick this book up daily as I successfully manage my eating and my new weight. I have lost 15 pounds and feel great. Made to Crave is the answer ladies, God must be a part of all you undertake, and victory will be yours. Love the body God gave you, care for it well. Crave Him… Thank you Lysa. I have recommended your book to many, and hope to begin a small group study in my home soon with the DVD and study guides. Love to you my friend in Christ! GET THE BOOK GIRLS…victory will be yours. — Deannie K.
My success story started in the valley, as most of them do. If they didn’t we might not appreciate the Victory as we should and it’s in those times that we know only because of God did we rise up from that valley and He placed us on that mountaintop! On January 25 2010 my 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, on February 1 we moved 5 hours away from family to be closer to my husbands new teaching job and on February 10th after 2 years of pain, weakness and fatigue I was diagnosed with the auto immune disease, dermatomyositis overlapping with lupus. 

As part of my treatment the doctor prescribed a steroid that was wonderful at the time because it made me feel better than I have felt in years, but at the same time I ate like a horse and my attitude was that I deserved it. With all the stress that I have gone through…why not! Why not eat that second helping, why not eat that dessert, why not get the Venti with whip! Why not, I had the steroids as my excuse…I woke up every morning thinking of food and I went to bed every night thinking of food. Well ten months later after my disease was in remission the doctor took me off of steroids and told me I had to do something about my weight gain.

In those short 10 months I had gained 45 pounds!!! (Not good for someone who has joint pain.) I knew I needed to start exercising again and I knew I needed to cut back
on my calorie intake. But I needed the right encouragement to start this journey. That is when I discovered Made to Crave. My sister had started reading it and told me about it so on that weekend shopping trip I made 2 purchases, Made to Crave book and the Zumba dvds!!!

On Feb. 1, 2011 I went to the doctor and I was 2 lbs away from weighing the same as I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter. But since that visit I have lost 29 pounds and I know I will reach my goal of 55 total pounds lost!! The parts of the book that I really needed at this time was that God is my portion. He really is ALL I need. I love the part in the book where Lysa states that she keeps asking God to be her daily portion — of companionship, provision, patience. At this point I realized how much I needed God’s compassion, He did not judge me for my weight gain and my weakness, instead He loved me and was compassionate about my circumstances. WOW! SUCCESS!!!!

Not only am I losing the weight that I needed to lose to be a healthier person I have obtained the one major thing I have been searching for – PEACE! Yes I still have my disease, yes my daughter is still a diabetic, yes we are still adapting to our move, but because of God’s daily portion I have found joy in my circumstances. Thank you Lord for your love, your understanding, your compassion and for taking over my struggles that I may have Victory and be able to share my story and give you all the Glory! This view from the mountaintop is amazing!

UPDATE as of January 2012:Well it has been a year since I started my weight loss journey and my original goal was to lose 55 lbs. Well I am glad to tell you I have actually lost 62 lbs. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 10 and loving and living life! I have gone from being the mom who doesn’t want to be noticed at my son’s games to being the loudest cheerleader!! I am so glad to have my confidence back, because God can use me so much more now!! I still refer back to my notes and all my underlining in Made to Crave, and I am here to tell you it does get easier and you CAN do it!! May God bless all of you on your journey to success! — April M.

Lysa, I am reading your book and cannot explain the impact it is having on me! Then, today (March 31), your Proverbs 31 devotion just hit it on the nose! A woman had sent you a letter based on her struggles with an eating disorder. I, too, have been battling bulimia and borderline anorexia for 25 years. Binging/purging were an every day occurrence. I have been recovering slowly but surely over the past couple of years but Made to Crave is the final path to victory that I needed! Freedom in God! My story began in the early 80’s when I began dieting, then it lead to binging/purging. I was also saved. But then came ten years of darkness which include substance abuse, an abortion and two suicide attempts. Then I felt the Lord drawing me closer to Him. But the bulimia was still there for fifteen more years. I truly believe that it was because I thought I wasn’t worthy of His forgiveness (how prideful is that?) and was covering up my shame and guilt with the eating disorder. But now I realize — and your book confirms it, that this entire journey has led me to be so strong and close in the Lord! I learn more every day and have let go of the evil strongholds that bound me for so long and have grasped on to the only stronghold that should be, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your book, your story and your encouragement! I have realized that I am made for more, made to crave Him, and can live a life of victory now. I have also begun suggesting your book to people I know who struggle with an eating/weight/food addiction issue. — Amy C.
I can’t thank you enough for listening to God to address this message and going into battle every day against the critics for our sake. This book has opened my eyes and most importantly my heart to the truths I desperately needed to hear to become free of my food struggles. Ever since I was a teenager I have been terrified of being obese, which resulted in some really unhealthy dieting, more like not eating at all. When I met my husband and found happiness I wanted to give myself a break and vowed to never step on the scale again because it had such a powerful hold on my life. But such as life, my vow of ignorance worked against me and I ended up gaining close to 50lbs and felt like I was out of control So many things in Lysa’s book brought to life the reasons for my struggle with food. Today I have lost 32 pounds and still going and my heart is finally in the right place. I have been reading Lysa’s book and studying the Bible along with my diet plan and it’s made all the difference. I am so gratefull God placed Lysa as an inspiration in my life. Her honesty and straight forw ardness is refreshing and truly speaks to my heart. — Emma B.
I felt led to do a study on Made to Crave with anyone at work who would join me once a week on our lunch hour. There were 10 ladies who signed up. We are enjoying the book and learning so much. We are being challenged to seek God more than food. We are still in the process of the study. A very special thing has happened to one of the ladies in our group. She has been a smoker for years, and because of studying this book she realized that God could help her quit smoking too. She hasn’t smoked in 4 weeks. I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with the weight, but because of this book she has gained victory in another area. I praise God for the opportunity of sharing this book with my co-workers. I thought you might rejoice over that victory too! Thanks for writing this great book! We love it! — Cathy H.
I have dealt with the issue of emotional eating and dieting for many years now. In the back of my mind, I knew I was trying to fill the emptiness I felt from stress, busyness, and life in general with food instead of God. I just never knew how to get out of that destructive cycle. As I read this book, I felt God blessing me with His wisdom for this area of my life. This has been such a God-thing for me both physically and spiritually! I have lost 10 pounds and have gained the tools to change my perspective and crave God instead of cheeseburgers, fries, and a shake! Thank you Lysa! — Kathyrn J.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can’t say enough about the book, workbook, and DVD. I just completed the 6 weeks study at my church. I can honestly say this is the best program for dealing with weight issues I have ever experienced. It went to the root of the problem. God bless you, Lysa!! I have lost 10 lbs. in 6 weeks and know I have the tools to achieve my goal weight. And most importantly – I am a JESUS GIRL!! — Connie H.
I could not put Made to Crave down. Lysa TerKeurst instantly spoke to my spirit when she vulnerably wrote of her “want to.” I also want to be the woman God wants me to be — free of unhealthy choices and their toll on me. She has encouraged me to win my personal food and exercise wars. — Janet Holm McHenry, author of nineteen books, including PrayerWalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline, and her blog, Up2Me
This is the best book I have ever read. Matter of fact I even finished it. I have never done that with any other weight loss type of book. This one really captured my attention. I am only a month into my new journey and 11 lbs lighter. It is small baby steps, but I can see and feel so many changes inwardly and outwardly. I haven’t felt this good in months … years. I am being changed and renewed in ways I never thought I needed. I almost feel like Lysa has been walking around in my body and life. She has put into words feelings that I have not been able to express, let alone explain to myself. If you have reached your journey’s end Congrats you are the hope for the rest of us. If you are a newbee like me or newer or are skeptic at starting. Take heart Sister and take that step forward. You will be so glad you did. I am. For a change I feel like I can look down the road of this journey with hope and confidence. THANK YOU LYSA!! — Anna E.
I heard you being interviewed back in Jan. on the radio and I thought, “I need that book”. When I got home I ordererd it and downloaded it to my nook. Your book has been the missing piece. Thank you Lysa for opening yourself to help your sisters in this struggle with food. I have been able, by God’s grace to loose 20lbs, more importantly I have experience replacing Jesus for food, and He has satisfied my cravings! I am amazed at the timing and circumstance that I have gone through while replacing God for food. In the past, it would of been a time that I would of gain 20 pounds! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing Made To Crave. He is the Bread of Life! In Love, Helga D.
Made to Crave has changed my life! In the 6 weeks since I first started the book I have lost 16 lbs and the most important thing is that it isn’t just about the numbers. I FINALLY have my peace back!!! I was so obsessed with my weight and eating issues. Now I’m more concerned with what God wants from me. I have more confidence, self-esteem and most importantly SELF-CONTROL! God bless you for allowing God to work through you to reach me!
— Rhonda M.
I have always been a fluffy gal. I have been on more diets than I care to remember. My sister told me about this book and I have to admit I was thinking that this would be like ever other diet book I have read. I was seriously mistaken. This is book is an actual answer to prayer. God is changing me in a way I never even knew was possible. I haven’t weighed my self yet and I am not sure if I have lost any weight. I can tell you that I have gained more confidence in my self and in my Savior. I KNOW this time is MY time. This is THE time. This is HIS time. I have my hand in His and an open heart and open mind. He is guiding me. It is beautiful. I praise him for how he is going to change me inside and out. — Alisha C.
I’m excited to say that I’ve lost 20 pounds!!!
My weight loss began post-Christmas (not post-New Year), but I was fearful that it would
be typical post-holiday weight loss that didn’t continue after a few weeks. Then, after the arrival of Made to Crave, I now believe differently. God is working on my heart and I truly believe I’ve found my “want to!” — Leah G.
I am a work in progress. I came across this book a couple of weeks back and knew it had to be the hand of God. I have lost 10 pounds so far and am looking to lose more. The most important thing I am feeling closer to God and sense Him right beside me helping me make healthy choices. I appreciate the honesty that Lysa gives in this book. This is the book that I have been looking for. I have now started the online Bible study and am loving every minute of it. — Maggie G.
I have lost about 8-9 pounds but the most important thing is that I am eating healthier. I want to thank you for writing this amazing heartfelt book- I plan to read through it again! — Adaykis
I was excited to read Made to Crave but never did I think it would change my outlook on eating habits and, really, my relationship with God. Each chapter I read was just what I needed… In just six weeks I lost seventeen pounds. But the gain in my relationship with God has been far greater than my weight loss! It amazed me — as God always does — that He made me to CRAVE HIM, not the things in life that I had been craving. Since the study I am reading the Word or something in regards to God all the time. — Jane D.
I had always been a picky eater growing up and ate way too much junk food. I wanted to take back my body and start eating right, especially now that I am getting older and need to be more cautious about what I eat. Made to Crave is not about weight loss; it is about complete dependence on God. It is a lifestyle change that is meant to continue even when the book is closed and back on the shelf. Because of this book I have made progress with reaching my goal of being a healthier person… I know I am on the right track! — Kirsten W.
For me this journey hasn’t been as much about food as it has been about understanding why I compromise. Food is just one area that I stink at listening to God and following through. In my twenties I had many destructive food issues. I barely ate and when I did, I purged. The cycle of guilt and shame, mixed with times of successful moderation, was still a roller coaster I found myself on after all these years. Thoughts about food dominated my mind instead of deep communion with God. Now, since I started reading Made to Crave, God is using this journey to shake me up and to ultimately free me. This book has made me feel such peace and protection in God’s gentle conviction. Today, I feel empowered and victorious with a new resolve to head north and stop compromising. — Lisa S.
This book has shown me if I would just rely on God to help me through my struggles, they might not feel as difficult. The other big thing Made to Crave has shown me is that, with God’s help, I can do things that I would not be able to do on my own. I’m trying to run now, which I’ve never been able to do. I really believe I will be able to run. I’ve never believed that before. Thank you! — Denise L.
I started this journey weighing 316 pounds and so far have lost fourteen. Although I have a long way to go, I’m definitely focusing less on food and have been making wiser food choices. Some days are easier than others, and I have to remember that my body is not my own and that I need to honor God with the way I choose to treat it. But as long as I continue to stay focused, I know I can be victorious this time around. — Melissa S.
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