Made to Crave for Young Women

In Made to Crave for Young WomenLysa TerKeurst and Shaunti Feldhahn talk about the things young women crave:

  • Attention from friends
  • Affection from boys
  • Material possessions that make them feel improved
  • Unrealistic body image
  • And over indulgences in other physical comforts

We were all designed to crave things… but what do you do with your cravings?

In this book every young woman will discover how to:

  • Keep these cravings in check
  • Really understand how to personally grow closer to God
  • and discover her own sense of beautiful self worth

Best Selling Author Lysa TerKeurst and social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn have written this gut honest and eye opening book that every young women and mother of teenage girls need to read.

To purchase Made to Crave for Young Women, click here.

Click HERE to view an eye opening video about how the media distorts our definition of beauty.

Click HERE to see another video about “The Photoshop Effect.” (While this video makes a great point, you will see a woman in a bikini. If this offends you, we advise you not to watch it.)


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